Just Eat It – A food waste story : second helpings

27 11 2015

So do you remember last year’s VIFF? When I blogged about “Just Eat It”? No? Well go and read it right now:

Source: Just Eat It – A food waste story | Quieter Elephant

Anyway, for no particular reason at all, I just wondered if it was available for purchase (wha’? I do buy things I think are important to support!) yet. Or on general release at the cinema. That kind of thing.

Anyway, it seems that if you live in Canada at least, it’s available for streaming on the Knowledge Network and will even air on TV in early January.

Do yourself – and society at large – a favour and watch it. Get educated! Those of you that live here in Greater Vancouver can even have the extra entertainment of constantly saying “I’ve been there!” or “That’s Canadian Superstore!” or “That’s Pemberton!” or whatever.

If you don’t live in Canada I’m afraid I suspect that the streaming won’t work. Try and dig out a copy though… it really is a very educational as well as entertaining documentary.

Knowledge Network: Just Eat It

Knowledge Network: Just Eat It

From the Knowledge Network site:

Year: 2014
Duration: 73min

“Dining out” takes on a whole new meaning in Just Eat It. After seeing how much of our food is wasted, Grant Baldwin and Jen Rustemeyer, whose previous film The Clean Bin Project followed their efforts to live a zero-waste lifestyle, decide to take on a new challenge: to eat only rescued food for six months. Just Eat It follows the Vancouver couple as they forgo restaurant meals and quit grocery shopping cold turkey. They troll supermarket cull carts and rejected produce at the local farmer’s market, and set aside the “ick” factor as they dive into industry dumpsters. What they find is shocking: truckloads of perfectly edible food destined for the landfill.



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