Little drops of light

31 03 2012

So the rain did eventually stop. And when it did, the trees dripped.

And when they gave up their water as little drops, the drops themselves would not give up the light they had captured. They were like little light bulbs shining at the ends of each needle. Tonight was “Earth Hour” and we turned off all the lights for an hour. It was as if the trees were reflecting the free light while it lasted, making the world a brighter place for just a while.

Just another wet weekend in White Rock

31 03 2012

It’s been a quiet day so far in the rain. Kind of like waiting for something pleasant to return and take my mind off everything.

I ended up wasting time doing  research on the web, and came across a blog entry on taking photos in the rain. Suitably inspired, I grabbed an over-sized umbrella, my trusty camera, and decamped to the garden and driveway to see what photons were unwary enough to be captured in my Canon T1i while the rain steadily poured.

Some of the better results are below. (Still not TOTALLY got the hang of the shortened DoF with my lovely new lens).

You couldn’t handle TWO of me…

31 03 2012

So the more persistent readers may recall that #2 offspring took my film Canon SLR out for a spin last week. Of the 24 exposures, at least 5 passed muster. I should tell her a little about composing the frame, rule of thirds, and all that – the little I myself know, and have been educated on by those more knowledgeable. But for a novice, I was impressed with her eye. (The one in the middle).

Doing my daily trawl through the blogs I follow, I found a posting about a Korean artist who paints images in the style of double-exposed photographs. The fact they were of skirts being swished tantalisingly close to exposing underwear (or not) was neither here nor there. Though on reflection it was undeniably closer to there . You can check out the Ho Ryon Lee posting on artstormer (always worth a peruse) or even Faith Is Torment.

Faith Is Torment: Ho Ryon Lee

So anyway, dragging this posting back on track, this reminded me of the fun I had as a student taking multiple-exposure images “in camera”, and I got to thinking whether there was actually an equivalent option with the digital reality of today. A cursory search seemed to indicate that most people just use PhotoShop or equivalents to do it now. A much more precise (but frankly BO-RING) method. However, I don’t wish to devalue the art in it… it’s just a different technique – more akin to photo-montage (which I suppose it is, but in the Z axis). Not what I was hoping for. I’ll keep looking. I’m sure there’s an in-camera way, even now.

That said, I came across this whimsical piece which I thought I’d share. It has several layers/multiple exposures (at least 6), and by using the steady light from the streetlamp, the shadows are kept consistent, making the editing a lot less fiddly.

Have a great weekend wherever you may travel, or be returning from.

foryoutoknowtice: Brad/Jeff fight


#90 – Maybe the best kiss ever

30 03 2012

I’m a bit selective on what I reblog, as opposed to just referencing. This photo put me in a good mood for the morning though: I thought it might do the same for you…

Caffeine makes mugs of hard workers, but doesn’t have an effect on slackers – Vancouver Sun

30 03 2012

Thanks to MM for reminding me of this article I read in the Vancouver Sun yesterday.

Vancouver Sun: Coffee

Caffeine makes mugs of hard workers, but doesn’t have an effect on slackers.

Seattle – not bad for a weekend

29 03 2012

Have you ever been to Seattle? I know it’s in the US, but it’s really worth the effort if you’re in the neighbourhood.

We had an unusual tour around the city and actually ON the lake in a converted WWII DUKW. They give you a plastic bill-shaped duck caller, and encourage you to “quack” the public at every red light. Very non-British behaviour, but fun if you have young kids or are slightly drunk and don’t give a fig.

Duck trips

Other things of note are the Space Needle obviously, which has a disconcertingly large gap between the lift and the main viewing platform (at least it seems that way if you suffer from vertigo), and la piece de resistance… Pike Place Market. This is a piece of pure theatre and well worth a few frames if you’re carrying a camera, or are comfortable stealing one from a passing tourist.

They delight their public by literally throwing fish around (the fish didn’t seem to mind when I was there), as well as the cash in payment and any subsequent change. The transfer of the latter was rendered more efficient by placing the same in a tennis ball with a slit, to limit the chance of it taking a non-optimal trajectory. When I last visited, they were tormenting young children, by having the large mouth of some particularly ugly flat fish rigged with a fine filament, so that when a child was looking at the fish, it could be made to gape in response. All good clean, well-iced fun, and worth a short stop-over in anyone’s itinerary.

World Famous Fish Market in Seattle, WA | Pike Place Fish Market · Fresh, Sustainable Seafood Shipped Straight to Your Door!.

Just up the street is REI for the more active amongst my ever-expanding readership, as well as street music outside one of the many Starbucks emporiums.

Last time I was there I got to stay in the Hyatt, but I see there are actually a number of them in the city, so I couldn’t swear which it was.

Of course, it’s not a patch on Vancouver BC, but it’s not bad in a post-colonial, wannabe, kind of way!  😉

Canon 100mm Thermos Lens Mug –

27 03 2012


What will they think of next? No – PLEASE don’t answer that…

Canon 100mm Thermos Lens Mug –

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust gets a plaque on Heddon Street in London – Telegraph

27 03 2012

David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust gets a plaque on Heddon Street in London - Telegraph

David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust gets a plaque on Heddon Street in London – Telegraph.

Wow… 40 years! I’m really feeling old now… 😦

Light, Camera, Action!

25 03 2012

So Second Born takes her driving test on Thursday. She drives way better than First Born (who already has her license!) and is calm and measured (unlike a certain parent).

Anyway, she’s just got back from a 2 week trip to Panama, so we thought we’d have a drive around and reacquaint her with the car. She’s the artistic one in the family, and she’d expressed an interest in my older Canon film camera. I found a roll of ISO 200, and there’s a vague chance it might not have gone off, so we loaded for sunsets and set off for Crescent Beach. I took along my DSLR, and set it all up for grainy, high contrast B&W just for a bit of fun. By the time we hit the beach though, she’d already burnt through the 24 exposures on the film, and so I let her muck about with the DSLR too.

Between us we had some fun, got to know each other again after the break, and she got to practice her driving to boot.

I hope you enjoy some of the results… the ones you like are almost certainly by her!

25 03 2012

Now THIS is funny. A great find by Martin Moore.
Delivery is awesome.
But is it art?! 🙂