Too funny: Text Your Parents Saying That You “Got 2 grams for $40″

28 04 2013

A classic via Bored Panda.

Loved the dad response of “Oh, OK then…”

Experiment: Text Your Parents Saying That You “Got 2 grams for $40″ | Bored Panda.

Flesh Love – but is it art?

26 04 2013

Just seen this on a Twitter item.

Oh dear, oh lor’…

Flesh Love: Photographs of Vacuum-Wrapped Tokyo Couples | Feature Shoot.

The Truth is out there… and it’s not pleasant!

25 04 2013

One in four!!! Wow.

Terre des Femmes “The Truth” – YouTube.

The Opening Sequence Of ‘The Simpsons’ … for real!

25 04 2013

I still love the opening sequence of  The Simpsons… subtly different every time.

Now try it “for real”

The Opening Sequence Of ‘The Simpsons’ Reenacted With Humans –

Careful what you wish for…

23 04 2013

Free at last of that nightmare job massaging models, “Uncle” finally gets his dream 9-5 office job.

Massage Uncle Part II – Singlish – YouTube.

You think YOUR job sucks?!

23 04 2013

Pity this poor guy.

Unpaid overtime, 12-14 hour days. Is there no relief? (Don’t answer that!)

Singapore Parody of Dreamjobs video, Massage Therapist for Models with Everijob! – YouTube.

Stage Fright.

23 04 2013

When I was a kid, I went to an all male grammar school.

This was the late 70s. Kids still used to smoke in the washrooms. Nowadays they probably shoot up or drop tabs, but back then nicotine was still the choice of “bad lads”.

One break, I went to the loo and was met by a group of 2-3 “older boys” having a sly ciggy.

They weren’t being offensive or anything, but the toilets were a bit cramped and after a minute or so it was apparent that the trip was for naught. One of the 6th formers actually said “Don’t you hate it when that happens, and you can’t go?” It’s true. Sometimes having an audience can really put the mockers on trying to pee.

Imagine then being suddenly faced with a brace of gorgeous ladies while you’re trying to get things flowing. Allow LG to show you what happens…

Photobombs in the UK

20 04 2013

Kudos to ShortList for finding these great photos.

A bored commuter strategically folds his morning newspaper and “stitches” a head onto unsuspecting morning commuters.

Bored Commuter’s Newspaper Photobombs – Photography – ShortList Magazine.

Bored Commuter's Newspaper Photobombs - Photography - ShortList Magazine Bored Commuter's Newspaper Photobombs - Photography - ShortList Magazine

What we take for granted

19 04 2013

Those of use that write, and more importantly read blogs would do well to take a moment’s pause to remember that it’s not a natural act. We’re not born reading, we learn it. Many people are not given, or perhaps simply don’t take the opportunity to gain that skill before adulthood.

DesignTAXI found a series of ads slated for showing in France to draw attention to the issue and perhaps remind us how much we take reading for granted. It also speaks to how formulaic advertising is, in that we readily assume the intent of an advert without reading the details necessarily.

Sly Ads Hide French Literacy Campaign, Rewards Those Who Take Another Look –

One mystery remains though… if it’s for the French illiterate, why are they in English?!

Get Siri-ous

18 04 2013

Number 2 child got bored yesterday. She started asking Siri on her iPad Mini silly things. I now know what a hairless hedgehog looks like! (Not recommended, by the way.)

Apparently Siri has morals and wouldn’t divulge whether she’d had sexual relations. (Number 2 child is a bored teenager).

In response to “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, Siri declared somewhat unexpectedly “Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious”. Kudos to the nerd who predicted that one!

So anyway, I found this page collecting together some supposedly witty responses. Funny Things to Ask Siri | 20 Hilarious Questions to Siri.

Entry number 5 I found interesting, though it wasn’t remarked on in the page. In response to a question as to Siri’s voting preferences, it replied “I can’t vote. But if I did, I’d vote for Eliza. She has the answer to everything””.

If you’re not geeky enough to know why Siri referring to Eliza is funny, try Wikipedia here.

I’m not sure. What do you think?