27 06 2012

Lies, damned lies, and statistics!
Despite the title seeming to claim men are NOT promiscuous by nature, the body text merely says that women are just as bad.
Main point of course being that if a flawed study seems to “prove” what we expect, it is less rigorously checked… for decades!!

Emerging Truth


By Victoria Wellman

PUBLISHED: 10:06 EST, 27 June 2012 | UPDATED: 10:21 EST, 27 June 2012

A new study has shaken the foundations of sexual selection theory as it has been understood since 1948.

New research at UCLA examined the famous fruit fly study conducted by English geneticist Angus John Bateman.

The findings undermine the long-accepted theory that men are hard-wired to be unfaithful while women seek monogamy.

Monogamy issues: A new study finds huge flaws in the research that has informed the way we understand sex and promiscuity in males and femalesMonogamy issues: A new study finds huge flaws in the research that has informed the way we understand sex and promiscuity in males and females

Led by Patricia Adair Gowaty, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UCLA, and thanks to the help of advanced DNA analysis, the report found that females may be just as promiscuous as males.


In fact, Dr Gowaty, told Science Daily, Bateman’s study should never even have been published.

Musing on the reasons…

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6-legged doggy style

24 06 2012

Summer’s a bit late in White Rock. It’s been damper than usual of late. Very damp on some days. Downright soggy on occasion. So anyway, many flowers have held off on their blooms until just now. The cherry blossoms were late too, now I think about it. Anyway, this afternoon I’ve been trying to finish off one of those documents that just seem to not want to be written. It’s dragging on a bit. And the sun’s been shining. What was I to do? Plainly I needed to sit on the patio and consider the various ways of making 42. (Life, the universe and everything). And then of course, since I was there, I might as well take some photos. And perhaps even play with my new-found macro options. Couldn’t let my new 50mm feel unloved on the DSLR though, so I took a couple of snaps with that too.

And then of course I need to justify the whole diversion by sharing the results with you, so I can avoid it being “wasted time” 🙂

BBC News – London 2012 Olympics: Saudis allow women to compete

24 06 2012

BBC News – London 2012 Olympics: Saudis allow women to compete.

BBC News - London 2012 Olympics: Saudis allow women to compete

BBC News: Showjumper Dalma Rushdi Malhas is currently the only Saudi female competitor at Olympic standard

We should acknowledge the courage of the Saudi royals for trying to gently nudge their conservative society towards more liberal values. King Faisal, who was eventually assassinated, insisted on introducing education for girls.

King Abdullah has long been pushing for women to play a more active role in Saudi society according to the BBC, and this move to allow women into the Saudi Olympic team is just one part of an ongoing strategy to allow women to take a more central role in modern Saudi Arabia.

A bubble in time.

24 06 2012

If you’re anything like me (and I realise that is statistically quite unlikely), you are occasionally apt to exclaim things like “Oh! I didn’t realise you could do THAT!”

Such a moment occurred yesterday on my trip to Stawamus Chief. It turns out that my “little” camera (Canon PowerShot A590 IS) has this quite fully featured macro and manual focus capability. I have hitherto treated this particular camera as basically a point and shoot “toy++” for when I’m out and about and don’t want to lug my DSLR. I have reserved proper photographs for my “big camera”. Having looked at some of the results of yesterdays shots “on the big screen”, I have continued to muck about with it this morning to much entertainment.

Despite investing well over $1000 in lenses for my “big camera” (Canon T1i), I do not yet own a macro lens for it. I can see it coming now though. Macro photography is one of those things that you can do indoors on a wet weekend in White Rock, and opens up all manner of creative ideas. Especially if I can overcome my fear of flash, reflectors and lighting in general.

Chief trail closed due to rockslide | Sea to Sky | Pique Newsmagazine | Whistler, CANADA

23 06 2012


Chief trail closed due to rockslide | Sea to Sky | Pique Newsmagazine | Whistler, CANADA.

So I went up the Stawamus Chief again today (well – most of it), making it back down just in time to miss the lightning that came sweeping across Squamish minutes later. On the way up I was amazed to see the aftermath of an extensive rockslide. Reading up on the wonderful web, it seems the event occurred on Thursday evening around 6pm, and narrowly missed a group of hikers making the descent. 20 tonnes of rock had all but demolished one of the wooden stair sections.

The above-linked article also tells me that “In addition to the rockfall, BC Parks advises that the overhang corners above the Flats on the Grand Wall are closed to climbers because falcons have been spotted nesting on the Grand Wall route.” Typical birds! Don’t they realize the season’s underway?

If the Rain Comes

23 06 2012

If the rain comes
they run and hide their heads
They might as well be dead…

I love the rain. So did Lennon, apparently.

If you don’t like the rain, BC’s not a great place to make your home. But even here, it does sometimes stop. And then you see the little jewels the rain leaves behind to reward our patience. Les petits bijoux.

A Sunny Day

23 06 2012

The other day was actually quite sunny in our little bit of the globe. It happily coincided with a “photo walk” at lunchtime with the company Photography Club.

I thought I’d share a couple of my snaps.

Coca Cola: CCTV

20 06 2012

Lockhaart over on “Ad Pitch Blog” quite often has things which make me smile, but this Coke advert was a douzie. I definitely like to look at things a little out of kilter, and these CCTV clips show some of the more human face of… well humanity, I suppose! Except the graffiti. (That’s just graffiti)

AdPitch Blog

To make up for not posting anything yesterday, and all day today (been to the seaside! I am very very burnt) here’s Coca Colas advert called CCTV, you may have seen it, and if you have watch it again cos it’s just great, and if you haven’t enjoy! Its nice to see the good side of life and the little things that go on when we’re not looking, thankfully the CCTV cameras were there to capture it instead! There isn’t anything other special about it other than it being a great traditional advert, I’ll say its a good use of technology, I think that counts for this blog, yeah. It does.

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You just HAVE to feel for the guy…

19 06 2012

Anyone who’s ever been in Sales or Sales Support knows about demo-itis. Software and systems that worked flawlessly for months on end can crumple into the smelliest pile of doo-doo imaginable simply by using the word “demo” in their earshot…

HEADS UP: Wandering Poets In Vancouver (The Drive) Writing By Request This Week : Scout Magazine

19 06 2012

HEADS UP: Wandering Poets In Vancouver (The Drive) Writing By Request This Week : Scout Magazine.

HEADS UP: Wandering Poets In Vancouver (The Drive) Writing By Request This Week : Scout Magazine

A real throwback (see Tom Sharpe for more details) to the wandering balladeers of yore. I love the very idea that it’s embraced and not ridiculed in 21st Century Vancouver.