Teary eye alert…

30 10 2015

“I’m expecting a baby. I’ve discovered he has Down syndrome. I’m scared: what kind of life will my child have?”

Source: 15 people with Down syndrome tell a mom what kind of life her child will have.

A great piece to illustrate basic human value.

Types of People you see on the Grouse Grind

28 10 2015

A friend sent me this “list of…”. These seemed oh so familiar.
Thought I’d share.

The Grouse Grind is an (in)famous hike in North Vancouver that is popular among locals. So much so that there are 13 types of people that you will see.

Source: The 13 Types of People you see on the Grouse Grind

Consider being that someone

24 10 2015

Source: ‘Suffragette’ review: Can a movie make you see the world differently?

Really looking forward to this film opening. Having just recently had a national election here in Canada, it behoves us well to remember that the right to vote was a right that was hard earned. Recently – as this film reminds us – by 50% of the entire population, and even more recently here in Canada by those whose culture pre-dates our European formalised democratic process. Excluded from participating in the selection of political representation in their own country.

I’m glad to learn from this review that the story is told (by a female director) with balance, and the male “villains of the piece” are depicted as three-dimensional thinking beings rather than caricatures of “the system”. Though it’s easy to look back from a democratic 21st century western country and see the obvious imbalances of the time, those living then would have found it harder to see the injustice. It was “just the way things are”.

Remember that, should you ever decide not to vote  “because you can’t be bothered”.

Remember that when you toss away a plastic container “because the recycling bin is full/too far away”.

Remember that when you drive to the corner shop because it’s raining and you can’t be bothered to make the 10 minute walk.

Change only comes about if someone takes a stand. Consider being that someone.

Happy Ada Lovelace Day!

13 10 2015

Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace – mathematician, writer, icon for gender equality in technology and owner of a fantastic name – is celebrated today for her pioneering accomplishments in science and technology.

Source: It’s Ada Lovelace Day, but acceptance of sexism is still pushing women away from careers in tech | Alphr

Years ago when I was first learning about computers (1979) we were already being taught about Lovelace’s contribution to computing. Years later I got to see the modern reconstruction of Babbage’s Difference Engine… an eye-boggling feat of design.

It is Lovelace though that is credited with really grasping the potential for these computing machines.

Say “hello” to a female technology worker in your life today.

New kids’ books for adults help with hipsters and hangovers

12 10 2015

Glory be!

Source: New kids’ books for adults help with hipsters and hangovers

I have very warm memories of Ladybird books. Now there’s to be 8 new tongue-in-cheek titles for the (sadly) grown-up fan.

Thanks Internet, for letting me know…

More can be found via The Guardian.

That time of year again

12 10 2015

I love autumn. Especially here in BC. The damp seems to refresh the land and me along with it. Walking through the trails is suddenly full of things to see, smell and hear. But less people. Sunday, me and the devil-dog went on a bit of a traipse through the woods to build up an appetite for the half-pig that was to help us celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, and were rewarded with lots of mushroom sightings and the real high-point: a Barred Owl swooping right in front of us to traverse the narrow ravine we were walking in. Huge and magnificent in its majesty. Naturally I snapped a few shots with my trusty phone, though was too slow to capture the owl’s image…


Reflecting on the colours of Autumn

3 10 2015
Autumn Colours

Autumn Colours