Supporting Syrian Refugees in BC

26 11 2015

I’ve registered to volunteer and help the 3000 Syrian refugees expected to resettle in BC over the next few months. I can only offer a few man-hours a week  and who’s to say they can use the offer anyway?

Source: Supporting Syrian Refugees in Surrey| City of Surrey

But I’m an immigrant myself. I speak English (after a fashion)  and I still found it a struggle to integrate into a new culture here in Canada. I expect many of these folk – selected as the most needy (single women, children, families) who have been in refugee camps in countries neighbouring Syria for up to 4 years – will have even greater struggles ahead. Not to mention the psychological baggage they can’t help but bring with them.

I hope I can help them adjust, integrate and become part of our rich society. If I’m not needed (many other Canadians have already volunteered – it’s kind of a thing Canadians do), then I hope I can at least bid them a warm welcome and help them cut through all the crap that politicians of various stripes are currently touting.

Source: Imgur



4 responses

27 11 2015

Yay for Canadians 🙂 And good on you!

27 11 2015
Quieter Elephant

Yay indeed!
Thanks for the kind words, but I’ve not actually done anything yet except make an offer to help. Funny though… even filling out that online form made me feel like I’d somehow contributed. A small gesture of acceptance, I suppose… a metaphorical hug to the unknown newcomers.

27 11 2015

It’s a promise to help so it’s good enough 🙂 and yeah, it’s basically opening your arms to tell them they’re welcomed!

11 04 2021
Of Blood, Dutch Bulbs and Market Gardening | Quieter Elephant

[…] Oh well – the Internet, like 23 and Me, is continually increasing the access to historical and research records. Who knows, one day I may even discover I’m related to the Syrian refugee family I helped a few years ago! […]

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