Those Witty Swedes

30 06 2014

Years ago, I used to get a lift to the bus station with the father of my friend. He was a resolute Volvo buyer, so when I saw this home-made video advert for one of those classic box shaped tanks, I had a hearty chuckle! It’s by a Swedish artist and he employs all the classic tricks of “proper” TV car adverts for his classified ad.

It was such an explosive success on YouTube that he did a follow up for the V60. He reused a few of the themes, including pigeons and cat stickers and their hepatitis threat. This time though… a naked Swede!

Love ’em or hate ’em, but you can’t ignore ’em!



RIP Trevor

BBC News – Why Icelanders are wary of elves living beneath the rocks

20 06 2014

Hey don’t knock it…

The evidence is scant at best, but still way stronger than well established world religions!

BBC News – Why Icelanders are wary of elves living beneath the rocks.

BBC- The Elf Chapel

BBC- The Elf Chapel

Hell hath no fury like a woman “stormed”!

8 06 2014

Seems that giving a storm a feminine name subconsciously makes people under-prepare… resulting in more damage when it hits.

Hurricanes With Female Names Kill More People, Study Finds | TIME.

Kei Uesugi—Getty Images (via TIME)

What ever happened to education?

2 06 2014

A England flag?!

Not to mention that it’s actually a Union Jack (Britain) and not St George’s cross (England).

One minor redeeming point – at least they got the UJ the right way up…

Bad English