New Toys

25 07 2013

It’s Thursday. That’s my night to ascend Grouse Mountain in a vain attempt to lose some weight and perhaps last a few more years. Especially as I can’t find the warranty card – if indeed I ever came with one!

The last couple of weeks I’ve used the longer but less steep “BCMC Trail” rather than the more direct “Grouse Grind“.

A couple of reasons really. For variety – I’ve done the GG plenty of times, and I get bored easily. Mainly though – I don’t like to be jostled when I’m hiking , and the GG is very popular. Now the weather’s hotter (Vancouver hasn’t seen a whiff of rain in 28 days) there are even more Lululemon models traipsing up the GG.

So tonight I did the BCMC trail again, but took along some new toys. I recently bought some “Komperdell Ridgehiker Cork Power Lock” hiking poles, and figured it was time I gave them an airing. Another reason not to do the GG – I’d almost certainly spike one of the many folks who like to barge past – safe in the knowledge that THEIR time up is so much more important than MY time up.

polesMy other recent toy though is much more nerdy.

I recently bought a new GPS. Number 1 offspring asked why I needed a new one, and I had to admit that with the ultimate irony… I’d lost my old one! Perhaps I should invest in a couple of “Tiles“. My new GPS is a Garmin eTrex20, and when coupled with their free download “BaseCamp”, it lets you do all manner of cool map-type things. Just to show off then, I present to you, dear reader, the track I took up Grouse Mountain, as well as a rather embarrassing graph showing how slow I was at some points along the way.

BCMC Trail

BCMC Trail

Elevation in metres for the equally nerdy amongst you.

Speed and Elevation as I progressed up the BCMC

Speed and Elevation as I progressed up the BCMC

According to the RFID timer chip, I did it in 1:34 – almost a full half hour faster than last week, but still 6 minutes slower than the week before. At least I’m consistently inconsistent! 🙂

KTVU sued by Asiana for pilot names prank | Mail Online

18 07 2013

Oh come on!
You see “Ho Lee Fuk” on the teleprompter and think it’s a real name?! Have you never played Mad Gab?

KTVU sued by Asiana for pilot names prank | Mail Online.


Bookshelf Porn

17 07 2013

More bookish images here: Bookshelf Porn.

Ansel Adams

15 07 2013

Last night I watched a DVD from the library. A biography of Ansel Adams.

It had lots of his wonderful photographs from Yosemite and explained how he came to take them. I know his images of Half Dome would appeal to climbers out there.

Ansel Adams Gallery: Moon and Half Dome

Not as much of the photographic technique as I’d expected, but an interesting insight into his life never the less. I was a little disappointed how they kept trying to make out he was driven as a true patriot and how his work was especially American, rather than simply celebrating his skill, determination and love of nature. He happened to be American.

Anyway, the purpose of the blog entry is a quote from Adams of his friend Alfred Stieglitz‘s intended epitaph. I thought it was witty. Almost Oscar Wilde so.

“Here lies Alfred Stieglitz. He lived for better or for worse, but he’s dead for good.”

The entire programme’s transcript can be read here… unfortunately without the wonderful photographs:

Thank-you and goodnight

12 07 2013

So I have this thing.

Actually I have a whole bunch of things, but the thing I want to tell you about right now relates to travel.

I suppose I should apologise to those of you who have noticed my lack of output of late. I’ve been away on a trip to Europe for work, and then got busy trying to catch up and then took a weekend camping to re-acquaint myself with my kids. Any or all of the above may eventually become the subject of blog entries, but I want to start gently and talk about my thing.

Ever since I first got to travel for work, I made it a habit to learn how to say “thank-you” in the local language. I firmly believe that if you make an attempt to show gratitude then you can get away with a lot more stumbling and pointing helplessly at menus. Actually, my first ever business trip was to Oman, and I confess my “thing” hadn’t yet occurred to me, so I don’t know how to say thank-you in Arabic. Everyone I interacted with spoke better English than me, and it didn’t seem necessary.

When I went to Taiwan though, I learned that “xie xie” was the Mandarin for thanks. My recent travels added Romanian and Hungarian to the list, so I thought I’d just show off a little and enumerate all the ways I’ve learnt to say thank-you to beer-suppliers around the world…

[Edit: 5th August 2013… I realise I’d forgotten Portuguese!]

Austria Danke
Belgium Bedankt
Denmark Tak
Finland Kiitos
France Merci
Germany Danke
Hungary Köszönöm
Italy Grazie
Japan Arigato
Korean Kamsahamnida
Netherlands Dank u well
Portugal Obrigado
Romania Multo mesc
Spain Gracias
Sweden Tak
Taiwan xie xie

I saw that!

12 07 2013

From Etsy