15 12 2021

WordPress tell me they’ve been hosting these humble scratchings on my behalf for a whole decade now. I’m a little taken aback by that, to be honest. It seems only a couple of weeks ago that my very good friend suggested I write a blog as a means of expressing myself and dealing with what Capote’s Ms Golightly calls the mean reds.

Gratuitous photo of VanDusen Festival of Lights 2021

We were on a business trip to Brazil at the time… my first time to South America, and where I discovered caipirinhas. And so, on 13th December 2011 I put finger to keyboard and became a blogger… whatever that meant!

My fist tentative toe-dip was called So Many Opinions, So LittleĀ Timeā€¦, and re-reading it just now I am embarrassed. Yes, by the arrogance I displayed and still share with any blogger: that someone else might actually read their musings; yes by the clumsy anti-French jibes so common of those jealous of others (especially their skill in bread baking); but most egregiously… for the typo. Yup, I misspelt “metric” 10 years ago and never noticed. Perhaps if someone had ever actually read the page in the intervening decade, I might have felt the pressure to address the issue! Now, I think it needs to remain – a testament to my total lack of sexual encounters given. But shorter.

But hey – this is therapy, so blog on I did. For a total (thus far) of 1,101 postings, or about one every 3 days. Which, considering I “dried up” from February 2018 to May 2020 isn’t that bad as a method of self expression (though often the expression was one of total confusion and denial)! I guess COVID was a factor in my 2020 rekindled interest in self-expression, but who knows? Who, for that matter, cares?

The interwebs, we are told, are kitten-powered. I loathe cats. They’re vindictive little buggers and would smother you and eat you for breakfast if they thought they could. In fact, here in BC, cougars can and occasionally do.

Cats – see? Give me a dog any day… and talking of that, here’s a gratuitous photo of my ex-dog back in Christmas 2012 when the idea of a clown being president or a return to the horrors of a global pandemic the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Spanish Flu 100 years ago seemed laughable.

If you got this far – I thank-you. It’s strangely comforting to know that there are others out there who will read almost anything, just on the off-chance they may learn something new or have an opinion changed or at least questioned. Here’s to the next decade… if we haven’t set the world on fire by then!

Self-evident Truths…

8 12 2021

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Brussels Sprouts!

I’d like to thank Mrs E. for sharing this with me, but frankly… I’m still slightly stunned and a little unsteady, and I’m not entirely convinced “thank” is the appropriate action here!

YouTube – Without Brussels Sprouts; David Goody

I think I was even more stunned to discover Mr Goody had gone so far as to set one of philosophy’s greatest unanswered questions firmly to rest, and vaguely to music too…

YouTube – Die Hard is a Christmas film; David Goody

Now if only I knew who Mark Kermode is!