A great day at Great Tower | Scouts

28 03 2013

Nice to see HRH Kate waving the flag as a volunteer Cub Scout leader in the UK. She’s recently attended the volunteer training course we ask every volunteer to attend – worldwide.

A great day at Great Tower | Scouts.

Here she’s cooking what in the UK is called “a twist” – simple flour/water/salt dough wrapped around a stick and preferably burned to a crisp before being blathered in jam and used to burn the roof off your mouth.

Bannock bread is the Canadian equivalent.



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28 03 2013

Hi! I’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Award as one of my favourite bloggers. (You can read about it here: http://sittingatthecrossroads.wordpress.com/2013/03/28/my-first-award-what-do-i-do/) Keep it up!

28 03 2013
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[…] I was most honoured when kalyrical offered me a blogging award. The Sunshine Award, no less. And here it is, all shiny and freshly […]

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