Richard Branson on Office Ties and the Company Dress Code |

29 05 2012

I like Sir Richard. I really do.

I like the way he started business in a phone booth (to get a free phone number) selling vinyl records. I like the way he made a brand name worth more than any product associated with it. I like the way he had a line of condoms called Virgin Mates. I like the way he took on the big guys like BA, and redefined whole markets.

But I was a little saddened to read this article. In it, he talks of his own self-confidence at not wearing a tie in the massed presence of others who were. Kudos. No problem with that. Anyone who’s seen the types of socks I wear could never believe I thought otherwise when it comes to expressing individuality.

But it was his assumption that others could not like to wear ties that bothers me. Others that choose to be as individual as he by wearing a tie when nobody else is. Is this invalid just because he doesn’t like ties?

Je pense pas, mes amis!!

And just for the record, does anyone have a photo of his socks?


Richard Branson on Office Ties and the Company Dress Code |



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31 05 2012

I rarely wear a tie so its a nice change once in a while. Sir Richard Branson is bringing some balance to the argument of company attire and this can only be a good thing after all, we are all different!


p.s. for us non French speaking types what does Je pense pas, mes amis mean? Tried looking it up on Google and got nowhere. Mind you, I didn’t try too hard though?

31 05 2012
Quieter Elephant

I think not, my friends!

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