KoInkyDinky? I think not!

7 11 2020

So I’m currently reading Neil Gaiman’s “Norse Mythology“, which while totally enjoyable as a read is a little disappointing in that it’s a pretty basic retelling of many stories I’m already familiar with (“with which I’m already familiar”?). I think I was anticipating his more twisted, tangential treatment but got a pretty vanilla rendering of the familiar tales.

No matter – the tales are as believable as any other religious fare and there’s even a bit of sex and violence. Norse mythology – along with that of the Romans (what have they ever done for us?) and the Greeks – is so much less complicated than that of the Judeo-christian variety. They’re up-front in stating the gods are a fickle bunch and pretty much anything good, bad, or indifferent can happen to you on any given day, so you might as well just get on with your life and leave them to it.

Today, we call this physics.

Friday, being the first Friday in November was celebrated by some as “Fountain Pen Day”. It’s a thing. It’s no less contrived than Father’s Day, and serves the same purpose – artificially stimulating the economy and giving us an excuse for another sale day.

At least “Left-hander’s Day” (August 13th) brings focus to people for whom the struggle is real. (Don’t mock me until you’ve tried using scissors in the opposite hand for which they were designed!)

Where was I? Oh yes – Fountain Pen Day (FPD). OK, so let’s just say I’ve been a little free and easy with the keyboard and my credit card of late. Months of home arrest due to COVID can do that to a bank account. Contrary to many others who celebrated their lack of control on FPD, I didn’t hit “Add to cart” once on Friday.

That said, it isn’t as true that I was so restrained in the previous few weeks. That, plus the UK’s Royal Mail and Canada Post – and perhaps even Loki – conspired to cause the postman/woman to deliver two fountain pens, a replacement nib for a previously purchased pen and an alternative width nib for one of the new acquisitions.

Kaweco AL Sport with EF nib in Stonewashed Blue; Replacement B nib unit for previous Lamy Brass Sport; Lamy Studio Lx All Black with F nib and B alternative also in black

The arrival of all these fountain pen goodies “on the day” was quite the coincidence and quite unplanned. What made the whole thing ever so slightly eerie though was that I also received a postcard from my daughter currently in Den Haag, Netherlands. Because her student residence had been temporarily locked down in mid-October, she, along with the other inmates residents had been given a free postcard and stamp, and the one she’d picked for me was quite apt, and also arrived on FPD.

Coincidence? Je ne pense pas!

An apt choice of postcard!



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15 11 2020
Fountain Pen Quest Trail Log – November 15, 2020 | Fountain Pen Quest

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3 12 2020
Leonie Andrews

It’s the universe conspiring! But if fountain pens are involved that’s probably a good thing. Says she who bought another fountain pen last week.

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