Soooo cool!

27 10 2012

Now this hotel is such a brilliant concept! Next to no maintenance needed, the rooms self-clean, and the guests self-select to not be unduly picky!

The Minimalist Hotel: Spend The Night In A Portaledge : TreeHugger.

Not great if you’re a somnambulist (though it may provide a ahem permanent cure) or have a small bladder.


Options are  TreeHotel in Sweden or Waldseilgarten in Bavaria.

Growing Oyster Mushrooms in Coffee Grounds : TreeHugger

3 10 2012

Those few readers who know the real pachyderm behind the Quieter Elephant will readily agree that I have the following two traits (amongst some other less savoury ones that I only divulge after excessive beer and nacho sessions).

1. A love of learning new things. The less “mainstream” the better.

2. A somewhat obsessive nature.

And so I joined the Vancouver Mycological Society. Via this I signed up for a day course in Vancouver this weekend about how to grow your own. That sent me looking for information elsewhere, and so I arrived at this blog entry.

Growing Oyster Mushrooms in Coffee Grounds : TreeHugger.

Growing ‘shrooms in coffee grounds is one of the things I’m to learn about this weekend. Yummy.

Can’t wait!

Anyone got any favourite recipes I can test drive?