Too much of a good thing?

26 12 2012

So we did the whole turkey thing yesterday.

I made dinner tonight with the remnants. ¬†Basically a melange of all the left-over vegetables (Brussels’ sprouts, yam, parsnips, carrots, russet potatoes), shredded turkey, an onion and a whole jalapeno… with all the seeds. Gently fried in some Pinot Grigio, just to stop it sticking (there was still a little olive oil from yesterday’s serving on the vegetables).

Tasty, and fixed any lingering sinus problems around the table. ūüôā Son had already eaten the remaining sausages wrapped in bacon out of the fridge, so they didn’t need dealing with.

Dessert was Christmas pudding of course – a taste of the old country, made to a family recipe passed down from St Michael. Basically just loads of dried fruit with enough other bits to hold it together, steamed for hours and then set alight with brandy. (Or rum in our case because we never do anything quite the normal way…)

This evening though (10:30-ish), the nibbles set in. First-born has always been the more adventurous offspring in the taste department and had helped me lay in some more interesting vittles for just such an occasion. We laid on a reasonably diverse platter:

Cambozola (Camembert with Gorgonzola mold Рsame as in Stilton on Roquefort)

Emmental – but not very good¬†according¬†to First-born. Apparently “proper” Swiss Emental has few to no bubbles and can even be cracked instead


Chevre – just going nicely soft. The goaty smell drove the dog mad.

Asiago Рstill smooth, not old enough to be crumbly yet

Castello Danish blue

Herb-covered salami

Red-pepper hummus


Wow – just typing it out has made me peckish all over again…

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