Dare to be Different – Just Like Everyone Else

17 02 2013

So last weekend, I caved in, and became the last member of our clan to own an Apple product. I bought an iPod 5G.

Obviously for the music (though I use MediaMonkey to manage and sync my music, rather than the truly appalling iTunes – I refuse to believe that Apple themselves designed that software. It’s a “how not to…” poster child!)

I use Skull Candy earbuds, since the Apple supplied ones – though certainly stylish to look at – keep falling out of my ears at the slightest excuse. Even that isn’t “unique” enough. I replaced the silicon earpiece sleeves that came with the Skull Candy (and pretty much every other “soft” earbud these days) with some more spongy/neopreney sleeves that came with my old JVC earbuds. These not only conform comfortably to my ear canals… but STAY there! Very important when I’m out running.

Anyway, of course now I need to accessorise my iPod, and began looking for a cover. I came across a wonderful design on Zazzle (though at an outrageous $40 price that prevented an actual sale on my part).

In fairness though – there are some seriously cool designs there:

Source: Zazzle - BaCoN

Source: Zazzle – BaCoN

I tracked down the design company as Inspirationz… and found a whole swathe of other products with the same design. Take a look there at lots of other equally quirky design content.

Dare to be Different Birds on a wire | Inspirationz Store.

Source: Inspirationz - Dare to be Different

Source: Inspirationz – Dare to be Different