The perfect excuse

6 02 2015

According to the august aunty Beeb, too much running is bad for one. That’s good… my ankle was starting to hurt, and I needed a few days off the circuit, as it were.

The Vancouver Sun Run draws ever closer and my bloody FitBit sneers from my wrist if I dare to even consider watching a drama on TV.

My daily regimen consists of a sprightly walk at lunchtime – weather no matter (this is Vancouver – you’d be a bit limited if you were fussy about the rain). In the evenings I’d been alternating between the gym and a run, followed by walking the dog.

Once my ankle started to flare up (in sympathy with the hamstring and calf cramps that had preceded), I decided that perhaps this “mind over matter” thing had its limits. It wasn’t so much the low level pain. It was the blunt fact that I’m not getting any younger and am well and truly out of warranty now. I don’t think you can get the spare parts any more.

The last few days have seen me and devil-dog having über-long walks in the evening instead, rather than my run. This is much more gentle on my ankle, but I can still keep a decent pace, and it even seems to loosen up my ankle a bit. The added benefit is the hound drops straight asleep as soon as we return.

Anyway – all that just to say that the BBC concurs… too much exercise can be seriously bad for you. As bad as doing none at all! It can cause your body to reconfigure itself (and not just in the abs of steel way). Your very heart muscle can change in response to the extreme strain it’s being asked to work under, and that, dear reader, can be a very very bad thing indeed. So – as in many things, moderation is the key. Of course, sex and chocolate are exempt under royal decree, but it goes for pretty much everything else.

BBC News – Training very hard ‘as bad as no exercise at all’.

BBC: Ice-cream vans never used to be so hard to catch

The Perry Bible Fellowship – Boy Scouts

26 07 2012

Thanks to an Australian friend for finding this on The Perry Bible Fellowship.

Never let it be said that Scouting doesn’t move with the times and stay relevant to the interests of the youth…

27 06 2012

Lies, damned lies, and statistics!
Despite the title seeming to claim men are NOT promiscuous by nature, the body text merely says that women are just as bad.
Main point of course being that if a flawed study seems to “prove” what we expect, it is less rigorously checked… for decades!!

Emerging Truth

By Victoria Wellman

PUBLISHED: 10:06 EST, 27 June 2012 | UPDATED: 10:21 EST, 27 June 2012

A new study has shaken the foundations of sexual selection theory as it has been understood since 1948.

New research at UCLA examined the famous fruit fly study conducted by English geneticist Angus John Bateman.

The findings undermine the long-accepted theory that men are hard-wired to be unfaithful while women seek monogamy.

Monogamy issues: A new study finds huge flaws in the research that has informed the way we understand sex and promiscuity in males and femalesMonogamy issues: A new study finds huge flaws in the research that has informed the way we understand sex and promiscuity in males and females

Led by Patricia Adair Gowaty, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UCLA, and thanks to the help of advanced DNA analysis, the report found that females may be just as promiscuous as males.


In fact, Dr Gowaty, told Science Daily, Bateman’s study should never even have been published.

Musing on the reasons…

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6-legged doggy style

24 06 2012

Summer’s a bit late in White Rock. It’s been damper than usual of late. Very damp on some days. Downright soggy on occasion. So anyway, many flowers have held off on their blooms until just now. The cherry blossoms were late too, now I think about it. Anyway, this afternoon I’ve been trying to finish off one of those documents that just seem to not want to be written. It’s dragging on a bit. And the sun’s been shining. What was I to do? Plainly I needed to sit on the patio and consider the various ways of making 42. (Life, the universe and everything). And then of course, since I was there, I might as well take some photos. And perhaps even play with my new-found macro options. Couldn’t let my new 50mm feel unloved on the DSLR though, so I took a couple of snaps with that too.

And then of course I need to justify the whole diversion by sharing the results with you, so I can avoid it being “wasted time” 🙂

Lies, damned lies, and statistics… #3 – 13%

17 03 2012

God, I love this 3sex5 blog site I’ve recently discovered – kudos Christina, kudos!

More statistics: #3 – 13%.

This one shows that 87% of women withhold sex when they’re happy.

#61 – What his type says about him

17 03 2012

Cosmo, via 3sex5: #61 – What his type says about him.

Explains why I like to get to the bottom of things, I suppose.

#47 – Survey

15 03 2012

I love statistics.

This one over on “365 secrets, stats, and sexy facts” shows that 86% of American women make love in places other than bed… obviously!

#47 – Survey.

Any Plans Tonight? Sexual health posters hit Manchester streets | The Drum

13 01 2012

Now I’m all for having a good night out. Or a naughty one for that matter. But as my mum always used to say (before she gave up entirely on me)… “If you can’t be good, be careful!”

There’s a new series of sex health advertising being launched in Mancheser, UK, targeted at the young and sometimes TOO spontaneous youth of the city.

Check out the full story right here on The Drum: Any Plans Tonight? Sexual health posters hit Manchester streets | The Drum.

Any plans tonight? Make sure you're ready to rock

Any plans tonight? Make sure you're ready to rock

And here’s some trivia for the Canadian (and potentially US) readers…

Note how the cars in the photo are parked facing the camera… on the RIGHT hand side of the road? The UK drives on the left, but there it is quite OK to park on the wrong side of the street. I remember getting a right old rollocking when I first came to Canada and did the same thing. The back of the street sign on the top/right of the photo shows it’s not a one-way street, BTW, for those amongst you who were about to type “but what if…”

Also – can you see the woman adjusting her stockings in the office window? No, me neither…