Run, Fat Boy, Run!

6 05 2012
Film poster for Run, Fat Boy, Run - Copyright ...

Film poster for Run, Fat Boy, Run – Copyright 2007, Material Entertainment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So long-suffering readers will be aware I ran the Vancouver Sun Run back in April. Three weeks ago today in fact. I was disproportionately proud of my achievement. Especially as I did it in something over an hour, while the winner did it in 29:12!

Anyway, I finished it. I walked away under my own power, and by my reckoning, that was “a win”.

Basking then in this undeserved glow, I took a breather from the already far from strenuous training regime I’d subjected myself to. A couple of days slipped into a week, and so on. And then yesterday I woke up and felt, well, not to put too fine a point on it, “podgy”!

I’ve had a pretty hectic weekend giving and receiving adult training in my role within Scouts Canada, to-ing and fro-ing and meeting up with people from all over BC, sometimes until late into the night. But this morning despite being tired, I woke up and mentally hit myself with the spatula (watch the film trailer if you have no idea what I’m alluding to).

As a result, this evening I find myself on the successful end of a 4km run. The first time since the Sun Run I’ve attempted any exercise more strenuous than getting up in the night for a pee. You can not imagine how chuffed this makes me feel. Not only that I managed to ignore all the arguments I made for not doing it (we often argue – myself and I), but also for actually managing it non-stop.

Now I’m not saying I was in any danger of having The Guinness Book Of Records calling me for a statement, but I did manage to run the entire circuit without stopping, throwing my guts up, or otherwise disgracing myself in public. Of course, now I’ve done it once, I might have to do it again.

Good job I’m off to Germany for a week on business, and will be forced to drink copious amounts of fizzy German beer whilst eating far from lean Schweinshaxe, otherwise I might get fit or something…