A thorny case for Sherlock Holmes – UK in USA

7 08 2014

August 1st is Yorkshire Day, but also marks the Battle of Minden in 1759. The 51st Foot (King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry), now part of The Rifles took part, and subsequently wore a white rose of Yorkshire in their cap to commemorate the day.

Now, some mysterious person sends 6 roses (to mark all the British regiments taking part) to the British Consulate General in Chicago every 1st August. Nobody knows who…

The game’s afoot!

A thorny case for Sherlock Holmes – UK in USA.

FCO - Minden Day roses received in 2010

Canada Day at Minter Gardens

1 07 2012

Canada Day started quite fine in White Rock. It’s been a trifle damp for several weeks, and even for a rain-lover such as I, it was a pleasant change to see a bit of sunshine. After a languorous start to the day which involved hot croissants, buckets of tea and eating toast in ones pyjamas (plates seem so passé, don’t you agree?), we finally headed East up the Fraser Valley to spend a few hours at Minter Gardens. (Yes, dear reader – I did get dressed first).

Named after Brian Minter (BC’s answer to Yorkshire’s Alan Titchmarsh), it’s a lovely oasis from the bustle, though you can still hear the cars race for the Cascades beyond Hope on the adjacent Trans-Canada Highway running just behind the bushes. There were some interesting bands of cloud hanging in lines across the hills that edge the valley, and before too long there were a couple of very light showers. Nothing major though, and the two wedding parties taking place at the gardens seemed blissfully unaware.

Inevitably I had my trusty camera, and given the changing light, chose to limit myself to my fast 50mm. I must force myself to do a long range set soon, this 50mm is dangerously close to being the only lens I use now…

So – here are a few snaps of the gardens, dripping with the dampness that makes BC such a wonderfully vibrant and colourful place to live.