27 01 2013

Not for the first time, I found myself in some backwater or other of the information stream that flows unceasingly through chez moi. This time I ended up at CBC, ironically itself a relatively new influence on my opinions. And there I came across this image. Provocative to be sure. Of thought, opinion, debate. “Art” by pretty much any definition.

Judgments artist Rosea Lake | Q with Jian Ghomeshi | CBC Radio.

So – who is “Rosea Lake” (aka rosea posey on Tumblr)? The CBC tells us she’s a Vancouver-based artist and student, and clicking on the image or link above will take you to a CBC page letting you hear her 12 minute interview on the Q programme.

The image it seems has “gone viral” (despite “PRUDISIH” – what do they teach kids in High School these days?!), so I suppose I am actually showing my lack of coolness by having only just discovered it, and even then on the website of the national broadcasting corporation! Despite her being a local, to-boot.

It seems she simply posted some of her old High School work on Tumblr to show people her work. By lunchtime it had 30+ hits and she was really happy. By midnight it had 100,000!

She’s a first year at Capilano Uni, but the image was created while she was still at High School in May 2012. The 12-part project only got her a B. I bet some teacher is smarting at THAT one…

There’s also a piece in the local Vancouver Province, along with a lovely portrait of the young lady herself.

Rosea Lake

An up-coming book about SlutWalk has asked permission to use the image on the cover – kudos! The whole point of the piece it seems was to comment on Rosea’s own reflections on how readily she judged women based on what they wore. It didn’t sit comfortably, and so she made a piece to illustrate societies judgmental attitudes.

San Francisco SlutWalk

I am often drawn (largely unprepared) into discussions and debate on sexuality, gender roles and the like. It’s a discussion that often becomes emotional and entrenched and therefore ultimately unrewarding. But I do think it’s an important one. I am reminded of Robert the Bruce and the tale of the spider. We need to keep trying, to keep opening the discussion – it matters!

Even if a particular discussion ends in repetition or stalemate, I nearly always learn something about myself, my views, prejudices… and judgments.

I wish Rosea much success in university and her subsequent artistic quests.

UPDATE: For another interesting twist, read On Curvy Kate’s gaffe on BRAVOLUTION