The Print Guide: Paper – from a most unusual and environmentally friendly source

2 08 2012

Well – stone me!!

An article on paper made from crushed limestone. Interesting debate in the comments about whether its production really is less energy hungry than virgin or recycled paper though, once you take the petro-chemical resin into account…

The Print Guide: Paper – from a most unusual and environmentally friendly source.


Really… what WOULD Gutenberg think?

29 01 2012

Well, I’m sure there are many things that Johannes Gutenberg would think bizarre today, since he invented the printing press in around 1440. Printing however has found more and more diverse ways to express itself. Recent browsing of YouTube ads led me to a still from an ad, of a bloke stood in his open garage looking to sell his car on some tacky online website. This reminded me of a web site that had been brought to my attention when I still worked for Kodak. (Does anyone still work for Kodak?)

This company specialises in poster-sized pictures with which to adorn your garage, or more recently, interior door, so that you get a trompe-l’œil effect. By the way, check this one out (I was on Wikipedia just to check my French spelling…) it’s Escaping Criticism by Pere Borrell del Caso, 1874.

Wikipedia: Trompe-l'oeil

Wikipedia: Trompe-l'oeil

So here’s a few samples from the web site of

These are actually pasted onto the closed garage door… Boat Boat Wine cellar Wine cellar

And how about this one for your double garage?! Brilliant stuff… Truck Truck

Finally, a little something for inside…? Downing Street Downing Street

In Focus: Car Ads In Vogue

21 12 2011

Saw a car ad in Vogue this morning. I was eating breakfast. It was on the table. I like reading. Want to make something of it?!

Trying to track it down digitally, I came across this well thought out piece: In Focus: Car Ads In Vogue.

Good insights into design and layout for the magazine medium. As an ex-employee of several Printing & Publishing suppliers I know all about being in the gutter…

Loved the Tiffany treatment too. Thoughtfully selected things wrapped in that special blue.