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7 02 2013

I happened upon these lovely, whimsical drawings – additions to otherwise quite ordinary every day phone photos. Johan Thörnqvist includes the original photo along with his modified version. Quite reminiscent of Hergé‘s Tintin, I thought. – Johan Thörnqvist » Pictures from my phone.

H2O – solid and liquid

12 01 2013

Busy day.

Began early (for a weekend at least) with a trip up one of the local “North Shore Mountains” – Seymour. Mrs E and a colleague joined me for a return visit to Dog Mountain via snow shoes. It’s a route I’d travelled a couple of weeks ago, but the intervening time had delivered quite a bit more snow, and the pretty sharp ups and downs were now much less daunting, requiring no hands in cold snow to steady my course. It was a lovely day, and despite hovering around -4 Celsius, the exercise kept things very pleasant. Almost at Dog Mountain we bumped into another colleague who had just left there with his girlfriend – the trails were busy with many people enjoying the pleasant day and spectacular views of Grouse and the city.

Later, Number 2 offspring joined me for a walk to White rock pier to catch the sunset and fool around with long exposures down by the beach. Here’s a few of the more choice results. I really enjoyed the “classic” trick of smoothing out the sea’s ripples into a milky smooth average over several seconds. Dusk was the perfect time to allow long exposures without losing colour.

All Hallows E’en

30 10 2012

So here’s my ever-so-slightly geeky entry for my office pumpkin carving competition tomorrow…

Pumpkin Pi

Images From NASA’s Suomi Satellite |

14 10 2012

”                         ”

Take note of this day. Mark it on your calendar. The day the Quieter Elephant was totally speechless. It didn’t last very long, admittedly, but this image blew me away. It’s one of several on Wired’s site from the Suomi satellite. (I remember from my stamp collecting days that that is Finnish for, well Finland!)

Gorgeous! The UK is clear of the cloud at about 9 o’clock. Oman at 6 o’clock.

Amazing Aurora: Best Images From NASA’s Suomi Satellite | Wired Science |

Amazing Aurora: Best Images From NASA's Suomi Satellite | Wired Science |

When the rain comes…

13 10 2012

I love the rain.

It brings a different mood to Vancouver. One that suits my natural mood. I like the toning down of colours. Of sound. Of people even.

I love that the trees here go red at the same time.

I subscribe to The Scout, Vancouver’s online magazine. Today they had this photo, and I thought I’d share. It manages to capture the essence of the rain but without it being a dreary or miserable experience.

Magic with light.

TEA & TWO SLICES: On Hating Bieber And The World’s 4th Least Stylish Neighborhood : Scout Magazine.

TEA & TWO SLICES: On Hating Bieber And The World’s 4th Least Stylish Neighborhood : Scout Magazine

Dr Who in town?

18 08 2012

A few nights ago we were invited for drinks and nibbles (of the food kind) at some friends’.

They live at Crescent Beach, just down the coast from White Rock. It was a lovely sunset, but ever so faintly reminiscent of Dr Who and the ripping of the fabric of the universe…

All roads lead to Rome!

11 08 2012

Actually, it was originally written as Mille viae ducunt homines per saecula Romam, which those of you who did not attend Grammar School may like to know translates as “A thousand roads lead men forever to Rome“, and was written in Liber Parabolarum, (1175), by Alain de Lille.

This was a bus stop on Fort St., Victoria. I’m not sure where you caught a bus if you didn’t want to go to University of Victoria…

Victoria – where old Citroën’s go to die?

10 08 2012

When we moved to White Rock, BC, there was an old Peugeot garage just by the river. It’s since become a repo car re-seller with an odd variety of merchandise… including a yellow hearse for a time. This was our first indication that Canada (along with the rest of North America) had largely spurned European mass market cars some time ago. Of course, there are still the premium brands like Mercedes and one often sees Maserati, Ferrari and even the odd Aston Martin and Lamborghini in downtown Vancouver.

Volvo, Audi and BMW are reasonably commonplace too. But come lower down the food-chain and it’s pretty much VW or nothing. Fiat are making a recent come-back with the 500, it’s true, but where are Renault, Citroën, Peugeot, Seat, Saab?

But the true Euro-fan is still out there, and I sometimes get pleasantly surprised by a Triumph TR6, an MG Midget and even once a Renault 4. Immaculately cared for and lovingly maintained.

Imagine then my surprise to see not one, but two Citroën 2CVs in Victoria! In the space of a mere 5 days. One was the relatively common (back in the day) banana yellow, but one was nothing short of amazing. I can only think the owner was either a complete extrovert, or was strapped for cash and was repainting it one panel at a time while his supplier kept running out of paint!

Apologies for the photo quality… I only had my BlackBerry with me when I stumbled across this find on Victoria’s Fort St.

And life wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Lloyd Cole now, would it?

Excuse me – do you have a ticket?

2 06 2012

We had a new bird in the garden today. Anyone recognise it?

I’m guessing it’s some kind of woodpecker, despite it being on the ground. We have a lot of ants, and I’m sure it didn’t have to try so hard just picking them out of the grass.

Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone….

22 04 2012

OK – so forget the political angle on the original posting, and just concentrate on the human aspect in the photo. Whether it’s father/son, long lost friends, not-quite lovers, or rescued dog from the pound. Nothing says “I care – really”, like a great big hug.

A Nine Pound Hammer....or a woman like you, either one of these will do

You’ve got to show them that you care.

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