The fun(gi) goes on and on

11 11 2012

Despite the almost certain failure of the coffee grinds experiment, the oyster mushrooms in straw seems to be marching on towards the inevitable fry-up!

The leading fruitings are now a good inch or so across and consist of many little pinheads which I guess will each become a mushroom. I’ve moved the bundle nearer the window as I gather that UV is an important part of their fruiting development. The mushrooms “sweat” a clear liquid which is interesting too.

The larger growths are now about an inch or so across

A clear liquid is “sweating” from the fruit bodies

Not mush room in there…

4 11 2012

So I like to keep the folks who are gracious enough to read my ramblings happy.

If what they ask is within my power (and there’s nobody watching), I’ll do it. sheriji asked for a photo update after I was reporting my delight at one of my mushroom projects progressing… so here it is!

Only uncertainty is certain

13 10 2012

So having first been upset, then cautiously optimistic, then utterly dashed in my oyster mushroom growing efforts, I eventually accepted the coffee grind mold expertise of sheriji and started today to spoon out the white growth from the top of my coffee.

Whole sorry tale here: Down in the fungals of Java « Quieter Elephant.

But halfway through, I stopped. There was just TOO MUCH of the white stuff in close proximity to the millet starter mycelium. I went and checked my straw bundle – a week in, it is definitely starting to show growth… and it looks JUST THE SAME.

So I looked on Google, and found this image from flashmorg, via Flickr. (Not re-posting – they’ve got a copyright notice) So… now I’m really not sure either way.

I’ve either thrown half of some really good oyster mycelium away, or I’ve kept half a tub of coffee mold. Patience doesn’t come easy to me. Easier than some perhaps, but not easy.

I will wait and report more later…

In the meantime, the mold/oyster mushrooms has been lovingly covered over in the newly moist garden to await its fate too!