OK GO outdo themselves

11 02 2016

Masters of the “one-take, no edit” music video, OK-GO have gone a step further in their colourful choreographed music videos. This time – weightless.

  • No less choreography.
  • No less colour.
  • Just less gravity…

EDIT: So it seems the original link to Youtube that I posted wasn’t “kosher” and has been removed. Try instead the official OK GO posting, which can be found here. If you’re interested in how it was done (and where the joins are when gravity returns) check out the FAQ & credits.


OK Go do it again!

12 03 2012

OK Go must have a brilliant time thinking out their videos – Genius!

Here’s Needing/Getting:

And “the making of” is almost as good!

The Page Turner – YouTube

20 01 2012

So  here’s a merry pickle.

My distate of cats has already been documented (they’re a bit stringy), but I do have a soft spot for hamsters. I also like “OK Go” videos, which has a spurious link to Heath Robinson/Rube Goldberg machines (overly complex for their actual effectiveness). A friend made me aware of this YouTube video today, which seemed to bring the threads together quite neatly…

Everything’s going to the dogs

19 01 2012

Loved this VW advert over on Ad Pitch

Though it’s undoubtedly the result of much editing, it reminded me of an OK Go music video with white IKEA furniture props… and dogs.  White Knuckles is the song.

OK Go videos are almost exclusively done in a single take with no camera motion at all.

And the music’s great too!