Ryan Reynolds wants me to scratch my balls… and he doesn’t even have a mo!

28 01 2016

Source: Ryan Reynolds encourages men to scratch their balls (for health reasons)


Movember meets Lululemon

29 11 2014

OK, so this advert works for its intended audience… but only because men are inherently sexist and almost casually objectivise women.

How To Kill A Mustache – DesignTAXI.com

8 12 2012

OK, so let’s forget that the creators can’t spell moustache for a second. (Even WordPress is trying to tell me I’ve spelt it wrong (and doesn’t recognise spelt as the past participle of spell either, it seems! (Or “recognise” as a legitimate spelling. Jeez – I feel like I’m in Inception, I’ve recursed that deep!)), but I’m used to ignoring its insistent Websterisms). [Being an ex-programmer helps me keep track of all the brackets! 🙂 ]

Instead, enjoy this witty video piece on how to deal with the end of Movember 2012!

How To Kill A Mustache – DesignTAXI.com.

DesignTAXI: Valhalla awaits