5 Reasons Being Left-Handed Screws You for Life | Cracked.com

29 03 2013

Thanks to first-born for texting the happy news that left-handers die sooner than righties.


As if being born left-handed doesn’t bring enough lifetime trauma from using scissors, cups and everything else designed for righties. Now I learn I get to exit stage left sooner than contemporary righties.

5 Reasons Being Left-Handed Screws You for Life | Cracked.com.

We’re more likely to go insane too.

Mercedes Benz: Left Brain – Right Brain, Passion | Ads of the World™

26 05 2012

Mercedes Benz: Left Brain – Right Brain, Passion | Ads of the World™.

Oo.. right brain! Glad I’m left-handed…

Mercedes Benz: Left Brain - Right Brain, Paint | Ads of the World™

Calligraphy – II

12 02 2012

As promised, in absence of any sign of a bugger’s muddle, I bring you, long-suffering reader, an early attempt at calligraphy from the QE zoo.

I’m quite proud of it really. The ‘p’ is a bit mucked up (but not quite buggered up, so I am still sharing). The pen I used for this (I used a left-handed fountain pen until I get the proper hang of the ink flow through the dip-nibs) had a trace of blue left around it from years gone by, so the yellow ink I was using came out quite a pleasing green… despite me being quite sure I’d rinsed out all the blue crusty bits. I also liked the effect of writing on nice “watercolour” paper. It forced me to slow right down, and enjoy all the curves and folds.

I’m still getting the hang of all my new left-handed dip-nibs, and I think it’ll be a while yet before I get the hang of the different pressure needed.




11 02 2012

I’ve always been attracted by beautiful writing. Not just the words themselves – though indeed these can resonate for years in my cluttered mind if they’re worthy enough. But also the way they are actually written on the page.

I’ve spent many years in Printing & Publishing, and know more than is sufficient about fonts and typography. But I have always had a soft spot for “proper” pen and ink, and fine calligraphy in particular. I dabbled a little as a kid, and have recently acquired a set of proper calligraphy nibs. Of course, being “special”, I needed to get left-handed nibs, with their broad, slanted ends going in the opposite direction. Not so common! All the more grateful that I now have a set therefore. A greatly prized possession.

Modern Western calligraphy by Denis Brown

I am looking forward to a weekend of inky experimentation, and if it’s not a complete bugger’s muddle, I might even share some of the results here. Being an incurable engineer at heart (many have tried beating it out of me) I acquired a couple of books on the matter from the local bibliothèque. Last weekend in fact, but I never seemed to find the time to get beyond the introduction. The theory of course being that if I’ve read (or at least opened) a book or two on the subject, I will somehow instantly become an accomplished scribe with unequalled penmanship. Well, words ARE magical, so it might work! 😉

The reason for the post though, is that this particular book, full of elegant examples of the art, has some interesting little one-liners to show off the lettering. This one just caught my eye, so I thought I’d share:

Staying in the lines is like dancing in the closet.

Well – I famously do not dance. Even in closets. “As much rhythm as a pregnant Catholic” was how my teenaged attempt was described. And regarding lines and staying within them, I am reminded of the words of a good Italian friend, referring to the traffic signals in Turin: “Traffic lights?! Just a suggestion…”