Spitting Image

7 09 2015

Today Mrs E and I went for a trip up the road to Squamish. It’s a town that defines itself by the number of outdoor activities enjoyed there by the great unwashed of Vancouver. (I’ve smelt some of them… it’s not always a metaphor). We went for a bit of an amble right to the end of “Spit Road” which is basically just an unmade road going due South along the various low-lying islands and marshy bits between The Squamish River and the inlet into Squamish itself. Because of the wind being channelled up the Sound this is a hugely popular place for kite-surfers and wind-surfers. I’ve seen them many times from the top of The Chief, but it was interesting to reverse the view and see them up close, as well as The Chief in toto, instead as a vignette sweeping by from the car on the close-by Highway 99.


Want a ride? Check the dress code! – Richard’s Blog – Virgin.com

29 05 2012

Sir Richard… all is forgiven! (Though I see your socks are still hidden!) But now a new question… is Sir Richard Branson a left-hander, or is the photo flipped?

Want a ride? Check the dress code! – Richard’s Blog – Virgin.com.


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