Do we learn how to be mean?

27 06 2015

This is a neat little experiment from the Japanese Red Cross.

Adults drop their wallets next to kids to see what they will do. It’s a beautiful experiment.

Adults drop their wallets next to kids to see what they will do. It's a beautiful experiment.

It seems that perhaps we really do start out as little angels (one experiment showed a preference for “nice” behaviour as young as 3 months) and learn to be blue meanies later. At least it shows as a species we can learn. Some of us are really good at learning…

I’d be up for it…

11 09 2014

Would you?

Japan’s Burger Kings Sell Black Burgers Colored With Bamboo Charcoal And Squid Ink | Bored Panda.

Black BurgerKing

Vancouver’s Cherry Blossom Festival

26 03 2013

Last night driving home I was listening to CBC Radio 1, as is my wont in recent times. They were telling us about the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival and how the various Japanese restaurants in the Lower Mainland were putting on special Bento boxes and other things to celebrate the opening blossoms.

I forgot to follow up last night, but a member of our work’s Photography Club sent the link above in case anyone wanted to photograph the many cherry blossom trees around the lower mainland.

The map shows trees that are blossoming right now on Google Maps… one is on next door’s driveway. Soon, there should be many more around our crescent. It’s aflood with pink dead petals as the wind claims its prize over the next few weeks. The site is interactive and even tells you the variety of cherry, as well as letting people update it with newly blossoming trees.

Does your city celebrate the blossoms, or is it just a PNW thing inherited with our Asian immigrants?

That’s just not right…

31 12 2011

Good morning honoured reader. Of course, if you weren’t hanging on your inbox for this posting and are reading it later, or for that matter are currently in a timezone other than Pacific Standard, please replace with afternoon/evening/night as appropriate.

If this isn’t your first sampling of my postings, you’ll be well aware of the massive research I undertake before posting each nugget of irrelevance. (Yes… that was sarcasm. If it IS your first visit… you’ll get used to it). While looking for information about Aero chocolate bars (which I was devastated to learn is not available in France – thanks Laura, I’ll add one more item in the “cons” column for the French) I came across a variant of Kit-Kit from Japan. It’s green. Not NICE green. We’re talking anti-freeze green.

Chocablog: Matcha Green Tea Kit-Kat

Chocablog: Matcha Green Tea Kit-Kat

KitKat Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Review.

I was interested while travelling in Japan to learn that they’re not big on sweets and the like. They’re well known for their odd tastes in dessert too. But even so… this was a bit of a shock.

Personally, I don’t see it catching on elsewhere… even in cosmopolitan Vancouver!