Mmmm: Port Ice Cream –

8 12 2012

Up to 5% alcohol content, depending on variety.

Saves on washing-up too: dessert and wine in one easy-to-lick bowl!!

Alcohol Lovers, Behold: Wine Ice Cream –


My… what a fine pear (sic)

24 03 2012

So, as mentioned elsewhere, tonight we had a very good friend around for tea. To offer tea to that is. Cannibalism is so last season, don’t you think?

Anyway, a bit of effort was thought appropriate given the importance (to us) of our guest, so we ended up having poached pears for dessert. Now, I realise this is more than a little arrogant, but I consider myself a bit of a connoisseur when it comes to dessert. It can be the perfect end to an already stimulating evening, and well worth putting a little effort into.

I’m not saying this one was good, but well, it was. Even First Born referred to it as “classy”, and she goes to university and everything! If you’ve got a few pears looking for a job, and a bottle of wine with nothing better to do… I would sincerely recommend it to them.

BBC Good Food: Poached pears in spiced red wine


BBC Good Food: Poached pears in spiced red wine – A completely fat-free pud that isn’t boring. It’s not just Good Food, it’s genius! We forgot the thyme, but it seemed more than fine without it. We topped it off with some posh French Vanilla ice-cream, and a good time was had by all. I’d love to hear from anyone else that gives it a go.