Hanger Tea – Teabags Packaging by Soon Mo Kang » Yanko Design

22 12 2012

Hm – now I know I’ve shared stuff from Yanko Design before, but this one has EVERYTHING!

Like all good design, it actually solves a problem. In this case that issue of where to put your tea bag when it’s provided enough flavour and you don’t want to turn your drink bitter. (Of course – I wasn’t even aware of this issue before I moved to Canada. In the UK you’d make tea in a proper tea pot, even if it was only for one cup. Here, it’s often the case that the bag is placed directly in the cup).

Anyway, the problem, as well as being solved, is being solved with WIT. WIT always gets my attention. A little clothes rack to hang your hangers on. Classic. Love it. But there’s more! Word play. The bags are in the shape of (wait for it…) “Tea-shirts”! Brilliant!

Hanger Tea – Teabags Packaging by Soon Mo Kang » Yanko Design.