Glenn Owen Dodds on Vimeo

23 01 2013

So quite some time ago, I mentioned a short Australian film by the name of Glenn Owen Dodds. Remember that?

Well today, I had another idle look (spurred on by my attempts to find a great documentary by the name of “Men who swim” – but that’s for another day).

And there it was. Today, dear reader you get to see the full 16 minutes of a lovely, gentle little comedy. Enjoy!

Glenn Owen Dodds on Vimeo via Glenn Owen Dodds on Vimeo.

What’s behind the door?

29 01 2012

Glenn Owen Dodds – best film ev-ah! (And I include The Good, The Bad and the Aesthetically Challenged in that.)

Saw it on the back of an aeroplane seat on the way to Sydney, Australia. Glenn is not quite what he seems. Take a close look at his initials…

A most unlikely deity. He’s Australian for a start. I won’t spoil things by giving away more than is in the trailer. It’s only 16 minutes long, and it doesn’t yet seem to be available for purchase unfortunately. If anyone knows where I can get a copy please, please, please let me know!!

Glenn is all-knowing though, and that means knowing you’ve only had 12 shags in your 28 years on the Earth! A bit embarrassing for poor old Michael Radcliffe, our lovable hero. Filmed in Brisbane. All-round brilliant. If you get the chance, or see it advertised at a local film festival, go see it!

Full details on IMDB of course. Has its own web site too.