100 Wild Huts

31 05 2013

Wild? They were livid!

100 Wild Huts: Wild Hut 20.

Such a Scouty thing to do. And an English one for that matter. OK – “British”, since the guy is quite definitely Scottish. An architect to boot.

Build 100 different huts (actually bivouac is more accurate) and sleep a night in each.

Each bivvie is built from natural materials local to the location… including a slash pile.

100 Wild Huts: Wild Hut 20

In and around Glasgow he seems to have found lots of little patches of green space. 20 huts into the project, he’s running low on designs though. With 80 to go, he’s open to any suggestions…

This 360 degree shot of one of the huts was particularly cool I thought. There’s audio of a Radio Scotland interview.

100 Wild Huts: Wild Hut 20

Judith I Bridgland: George Wylie – Scottish Scul?tor

27 05 2012

Thanks to MM for bringing the Scottish artist George Wylie to my notice. I had never heard of him, and it seems he has very recently died at the age of 90. Good innings, all told. A question mark for a P, and addressing big questions seem to have been his hallmark. Particularly the transient nature of powerful industries such as Glasgow’s locomotive and ship-building industries.

Judith I Brigland has a nice piece on her blog if you’d like to learn more…

Judith I Bridgland: George Wylie – Scottish Scul?tor.