27 01 2015

Well, I’m trying to get my money’s worth out of my son’s monthly gym membership…

If I go, he feels obliged to come too, so’s not to be shown up by the old man. My card is per-visit, so there’s no particular pressure as to when I go, but his is per month, so if he doesn’t go, it’s wasted money… and it’s my money!

As is often the case, the iPod “spoke” to me. Tonight’s stand-out song was Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”. Back from her early days… though she was still as skinny as a beanpole.

Dubious taste in video if I may say, but close your eyes and absorb the imagery wrought by the poetry.

Apple Bobbing in the Orpheum

25 07 2012

So last night Mrs E treated me to a delayed birthday present, and we went to see Fiona Apple perform in The Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver.

Beautiful venue – home to the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (which I’ve heard tell can move you near to tears with the beauty of their renditions.)

We arrived about 20 minutes early, and I was surprised to find no queue whatsoever for entry to the venue. Did we have the date wrong? Was it the right place? The inevitable scalper outside was pushing the unlikely idea of front row seats for “cheap”, and after a minor delay while Mrs E tried to chug a 12oz frappoponcy from Starbucks, we walked in to a near empty building. Once the doors to the seating opened, I asked directions and was told that perhaps I’d like to talk to the lady’s colleague, way over on the other side. Having done as I was told, I was asked by the other lady whether we’d like to “upgrade for free” to seats downstairs by the stage. Wow – is the Pope catholic?! Of course we’d like to move from the upper balcony to 10 or so rows from the stage!!

As the clock ticked though, I began to realise that the theatre was going to be nowhere near its capacity. Weird! Fiona Apple is a very well established artist of 15+ years, touring with her fourth album, which has received critical acclaim. Her band performed a handful of numbers to get things going, lead by guitarist Blake Mills.  An entertaining mix of Chris Izaacs style slide guitar country nonsense, but also some humorous lyrics.  This from “It’ll all work out“:

I don’t feel a speck of hate
really now I’m trying to get my story straight
when you called me from the car when you were on your way
with your friend from San Francisco
that you told me was gay
well I guess he was a closet-straight
get it all out now
it’ll work out

Ms Apple came on at around 9:30, and played solid until 11:00pm. One song for the “encore” which was only noticeable as such because she announced it as “the encore”! I have to say that she is a shadow of her already skinny self as I remember seeing her first on MTv (in Belgium of all places) singing “Paper Bag“. Anorexic now and gaunt. Pehaps a drug thing? Couldn’t say, but she did not look well. Despite that, her voice was powerful, and many of the songs were delivered more vigorously than their recorded versions. A hugely enjoyable set, kicking off with “Fast as you can“. (Note how pretty she looked back then compared to her gaunt self in the photos below.) The drummer – Amy Wood – was incredibly energetic, and the signature Apple disruptive rhythms were executed flawlessly. She had great fun with Not About Love, stretching the pauses until the band creaked. Bassist Sebastian Steinberg (with both electric and upright bass at his command), and Zac Rae on keyboards rounded out the team.

The entire setlist can be found here if you’re interested.

The Vancouver Sun did a write up, and has some excellent photos.

Fiona Apple’s new album confirmed for 2012!

27 01 2012

Glad to read Fiona Apple may have some new material out this year!


The fight to release Fiona Apple’s fourth album is gaining ground and to stop the bad publicity, LA Reid himself has come out to confirm that the yet-untitled album is slated for a 2012 release date. So, put your #FreeFiona placards down and brace for one of the greatest music albums to come our way! LA Reid has tweeted:

This is going to be good…

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