German wit

29 01 2012

I like Germans. I do! I’ve been out and about in my time, and been there a few times. I spent a good week there in Rhens (near Koblenz) for a wine festival once. It’s where I learned there are 140+ different kinds of sausage in Germany. Definitely not a good place to be born a pig.

I’ve been to the massive Drupa trade shows in Düsseldorf more times than any human being should have to. I even slept in the airport. A bit bright… and not very comfy!

Wikipedia: Düsseldorf International Airport

Wikipedia: Düsseldorf International Airport

But I have to admit that being British born, we’re not very good at letting bygones be bygones. English football (soccer) supporters still celebrate their World Cup win over Germany in 1966 like it was an annual recurrence. It’s almost half a century ago, for goodness sake!! There’s generally good-humoured fun made at the German predilection for getting up early and reserving all the poolside loungers with towels at the more popular southern holiday destinations. This was combined with a nationalistic reference to the Dam Busters film in a Carling Black Label advert, back in 1993.

But my point, believe it or not, is that the German wit is much maligned and underappreciated. English speakers forget that our language itself is derived from German roots, and that despite the Germanic world’s insistence on smoking more cigarettes than is good for them (i.e. greater than ZERO!), they do tend to brew pretty good beer and make fantastic sausage. So here in conclusion is one of the funniest adverts I’ve ever seen. It’s German. It’s for opticians. On the face of it, it’s not got a lot going for it, you might think. It’s a bit rude though, so maybe not TOTALLY safe for the office. Watch it and tell me you didn’t laugh…