Sad Story: Durham Loses Its Innocence – BuzzFeed News

28 01 2015

Really sad to read on Buzzfeed about the deaths of three students at my old university over the space of 14 months.

I understand the point of one of the commentators regarding the apparent blame of the victims for their drownings due to excess alcohol. Any death is sad, especially during what should be the most exciting 3 or so years of a young person’s life. It’s easy to say “things were different back when…”, but maybe it’s true.

Obviously river safety should be a concern for the City of Durham as a whole, but I think the student body should look to itself rather than seeking to blame others. Compared to the local population it is relatively privileged and certainly celebrating life to its fullest. The temptations to over-indulge are there, and more intense in today’s culture than ever before.

Of course there’s a chance they might not have died if there were better barriers along the river. Of course the temptation is lower if the price of alcohol is higher and the availability curtailed (the pubs closed at 10:30 when I was an undergraduate there). As far as we can tell though, nobody forced them to drink to the extent they did. Students have always pushed the envelope, but they are supposed to have higher than average intelligence and better than average decision making.

These deaths were tragic accidents, but I feel every one of us needs to take responsibility for our actions and their potentially fatal consequences.

How The Drowning Of Three Students In 14 Months Caused Durham To Lose Its Innocence – BuzzFeed News.