Not quite a big Splash

11 08 2012

So unless you’ve been on Mars for the last week or so (OK – Curiosity, you have an excuse!) you’ll be aware it’s been the summer Olympics in the UK.

Curiosity on Mars.

NASA: Curiosity on Mars.

Despite being on holiday, we were not insulated quite enough, and I ended up watching the highlights from the ladies 10m diving competition. Unbelievable athleticism. Those girls (I think they were girls – no bumps front or back to be really sure!) could spin and twirl at amazing rates before hitting the water. And when they did… hardly a ripple. Amazing control.

London 2012: Brittany Broben of Australia competes in the women’s 10m Platform Diving semi-final

Which reminded me of day 1 of our holiday in Victoria. We couldn’t get into the apartment until mid-afternoon, so we ambled down into town to take a look-see and to kill some time. Of course, this was the Sunday before BC day, and the town was heaving with tourists. Funny how you never consider yourself a tourist. We ended up eating at Milestones down by the harbour, and learned that the crowd was there for the Victoria Symphony Splash.

Victoria Symphony Splash: From the air

Unfortunately we’d already missed most of the music by then, but learned there was a fireworks display later that night. After dinner we walked back up the hill to the apartment, and at around 9pm Mrs E and the sproglets took the car down to watch the fireworks. I heard several loud explosions from up the hill and since the others didn’t return for quite some time, felt assured it had been a wonderful show.

Er… no. Bit of a damp squib really. Possibly literally! Second-born described it as “three fireworks and over in less than a minute”. Now I’m sure that is an exaggeration, but coupled with the later than advertised start, I do wonder whether there had been some technical hitch, rather than an impoverished “firework fund”… especially as it was also celebrating Victoria’s 150th birthday!

Vancouver Sun: Workers erect scaffolding in preparation for Sunday’s Symphony Splash concert at the Inner Harbour.