The Future of English in Canada

14 05 2012

So, regular readers will have little argument with my assertion that my English (despite being born with that label myself) is not perfect. However, that is largely a feature of my own inattention at school, rather than some failure on behalf of those fine individuals dispatched to teach me said language.

Having seen the delight I have taken from writing down little things of interest in my Moleskine, my daughter began recording the little “oddities” that her English teacher occasionally utters. Here are a few of the more amusing, which she assures me are literal transcriptions:

  • One out of every homosexual men was killed (in reference to the holocaust)
  • Silhouette – I like that word, but I don’t know how to spell it
  • Spelling doesn’t count (talking about doing a crossword!)
  • What is so responsible for the noise?
  • I think in that fat stomach there’s a lot of wisdom
  • I like depressing myself by watching the news
  • When adults are angry, they shoot each other
  • How do we tell a character?
  • How does it look like?