Quite the drama

13 07 2015

We were invited out to a pot-luck last night, down at Crescent Beach. A most convivial evening, and dramatic sunset too.

No image post-editing, I promise…

Drama in the sky

Drama in the sky

More drama

More drama

Dr Who in town?

18 08 2012

A few nights ago we were invited for drinks and nibbles (of the food kind) at some friends’.

They live at Crescent Beach, just down the coast from White Rock. It was a lovely sunset, but ever so faintly reminiscent of Dr Who and the ripping of the fabric of the universe…

Light, Camera, Action!

25 03 2012

So Second Born takes her driving test on Thursday. She drives way better than First Born (who already has her license!) and is calm and measured (unlike a certain parent).

Anyway, she’s just got back from a 2 week trip to Panama, so we thought we’d have a drive around and reacquaint her with the car. She’s the artistic one in the family, and she’d expressed an interest in my older Canon film camera. I found a roll of ISO 200, and there’s a vague chance it might not have gone off, so we loaded for sunsets and set off for Crescent Beach. I took along my DSLR, and set it all up for grainy, high contrast B&W just for a bit of fun. By the time we hit the beach though, she’d already burnt through the 24 exposures on the film, and so I let her muck about with the DSLR too.

Between us we had some fun, got to know each other again after the break, and she got to practice her driving to boot.

I hope you enjoy some of the results… the ones you like are almost certainly by her!