Richmond still learning to park

6 09 2015

You know you’re in Richmond when… your amble towards the yummy cake shop is interrupted by the clang of Honda CR-V meeting previously vertical signpost.

I prefer “askew” to “bent” myself

Offspring No. 2 and I were looking to finish off our visit to the Britannia Shipyard in Steveston, Richmond with a sticky bun and a cup of tea when there was the pained crunch of car meets post. We turned in time to see the driver pause after making a less than stellar reversing manoeuvre, then simply driving off into the sunset. (Metaphorically – it was mid afternoon). Unlike the post in my other Richmond parking story, this pole was not on a spring and stayed bent after its forced meeting with the CR-V

Not sure the driver even knew they’d left city property a little worse for wear…


Zoom zoom. Oh wait – that’s Mazda

So here’s another vehicle in the Richmond area worth not parking near!


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