Fysics is Phun!

14 11 2014

I bet after watching this you wish you’d had Nigel Sanford as a physics teacher when you were at school. Or, for that matter, a a music teacher.

Newton and Tesla would be proud…

And it seems Faraday is his tailor!

More can be found here at Colossal.

A Hilltop Solarium Made with Sugar by William Lamson

7 06 2013

As a small kid, I remember having 3-4 sugars in my tea. In fact the tea was just an excuse to have the sugar. By the time I hit my teens I’d left that behind and rarely use sugar now. Just as well given my pre-diabetic status at the moment!

Anyway, I spotted this piece on Colossal today – using the various hues possible from caramelized sugar to form an art installation. The range of tints is amazing. As a kid, my mum used to make “cinder toffee” for us on bonfire night. Now I’m older, I realise she likely just burned it. Ā šŸ™‚

The imperfections add to the overall effect I think.

A Hilltop Solarium Made with Panels of Caramelized Sugar by William Lamson | Colossal.

There’s a video where Mr Lamson explains his earlier work and the concept. Kudos!

It’s cool an’ all, but…

12 05 2013

… it totally creeps me out!

I couldn’t imagine trying to sleep in a room with THOSE shadows!

A Chandelier that Projects Tree Shadows | Colossal.

Things Come Apart

6 05 2013

One of my earliest memories is as a 4 year old proudly presenting my still-sleeping father with a freshly disassembled clockwork motor from his own beloved childhood Meccano set. By my calculation he’d have been 28 then. We were living in the house I found on google maps, if you recall. I was quite proud of myself, using a screwdriver and all at such a tender age. Not quite old enough to own a rifle though. I recall my dad seemed a little less impressed with the collection of screws, springs and various odds and sods that I’d found cunningly hiding within the motor’s two steel plates.

I was totally mortified when he declared that putting it all back together was beyond hisĀ abilities. I think it was then that I learnt that my dad was mortal, and not the superhero we’d all like our parents to be. In a similar vein, a colleague many years ago surprised a fellow worker who had just deftly executed a wasp on his keyboard by challenging him to put it back together. To this day I’m not sure whether hisĀ religiousĀ beliefsĀ had been assaulted or he was being a smart arse engineer.

Source: Meccanopedia

Fast forward a few decades, and it seems that Todd McLellan does the same thing for a living. Well – for art anyway. Shades of Ursus Wehrli, I thought. What do you think, dear reader?

Things Come Apart, 50 Disassembled Objects in 21,959 Individual Parts by Todd McLellan | Colossal.

Colossal Moleskines!

3 11 2012

I do love my Moleskine.

They’ve come to be synonymous with creativity and capturing those special thoughts.

This project uses a whole host of Moleskines in a stop-motion film that demonstrates unimaginable creativity byĀ Rogier Wieland.

Colossal | A blog about art and visual ingenuity.

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee | Colossal

15 10 2012

I think I love Stumble! It’s found me no end of interesting stuff in the last day or so. I love books, and Mrs Elephant will tell you how I react when someone defaces them, but, I think I might have to make an exception here…

Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee | Colossal.