The perfect excuse

6 02 2015

According to the august aunty Beeb, too much running is bad for one. That’s good… my ankle was starting to hurt, and I needed a few days off the circuit, as it were.

The Vancouver Sun Run draws ever closer and my bloody FitBit sneers from my wrist if I dare to even consider watching a drama on TV.

My daily regimen consists of a sprightly walk at lunchtime – weather no matter (this is Vancouver – you’d be a bit limited if you were fussy about the rain). In the evenings I’d been alternating between the gym and a run, followed by walking the dog.

Once my ankle started to flare up (in sympathy with the hamstring and calf cramps that had preceded), I decided that perhaps this “mind over matter” thing had its limits. It wasn’t so much the low level pain. It was the blunt fact that I’m not getting any younger and am well and truly out of warranty now. I don’t think you can get the spare parts any more.

The last few days have seen me and devil-dog having über-long walks in the evening instead, rather than my run. This is much more gentle on my ankle, but I can still keep a decent pace, and it even seems to loosen up my ankle a bit. The added benefit is the hound drops straight asleep as soon as we return.

Anyway – all that just to say that the BBC concurs… too much exercise can be seriously bad for you. As bad as doing none at all! It can cause your body to reconfigure itself (and not just in the abs of steel way). Your very heart muscle can change in response to the extreme strain it’s being asked to work under, and that, dear reader, can be a very very bad thing indeed. So – as in many things, moderation is the key. Of course, sex and chocolate are exempt under royal decree, but it goes for pretty much everything else.

BBC News – Training very hard ‘as bad as no exercise at all’.

BBC: Ice-cream vans never used to be so hard to catch

Chocolate is good for your teeth?

3 04 2013

Chocolate toothpaste?

Not on April 1st?


Theodent – A Revolution In Oral Care.

OK – wait over

31 03 2013

Well done – your wait is over.

Here’s some snaps of the chocolate nests made from Shredded Wheat and melted chocolate, as per Aunty Beeb.

IMG_0236 IMG_0237 IMG_0238


Go on… you know you want to!

7 12 2012

This on from Brit Morin of Brit+Co (She’s a girl.)

How to Make a Chocolate iPhone.


Wickedly delightful

26 05 2012

I was very naughty today.

More than usual in fact, which is saying something!

I spent the day at a Scouty event, but the level of catering was a little higher than one usually expects at such things. Mid-morning snack was Danish pastries and my downfall: pains au chocolat.

As an ex-Brit, I have spent many lazy summers in France and have become more than a little partial to these Gallic temptations. I confess I ate more than one before the end of the day. OK – more than three. Or was it four? They weren’t served warm as they really should be, and the chocolate within was almost certainly not European, but temptation is temptation. I am weak. I succumbed to their patience – they sat there just waiting for my will-power to fail as it surely would.

Yet I don’t now feel the guilt I thought I would. Is it because they were French? Does that somehow excuse naughtiness? I shall sleep with a smile playing on my lips tonight…

English: A Pain au chocolat from a Belgian Bak...

Tawny & Ruby Are Friends – Mink Chocolate Bars

30 04 2012

Now come on: what could possibly be better than aged port and chocolate?

Well… how about chocolate with port?

Less washing of glasses. Fingers to lick. All good!

Check out the hand-crafted chocolate bars from Mink. Hand made in small batches in Vancouver. No additives to extend shelf-life, so you also have the perfect excuse to eat the whole bar in one sitting if you have no willpower. Not cheap at $6.25… but then, nothing of quality ever is.

Tawny & Ruby Are Friends – Chocolate Bars.


9 04 2012

No, this one ISN’T April Fool’s!

After the Kodak “print-a-kitten“, I discovered you really CAN print 3D in… chocolate.

No more is 3D printing limited to plastic bangles or prototyping of engineering samples. Now it can do useful things… in edible chocolate. Check out


Source – Time Magazine