The Truth is out there… and it’s not pleasant!

25 04 2013

One in four!!! Wow.

Terre des Femmes “The Truth” – YouTube.

Oo… nice holiday snaps!

29 12 2011

I’m being facetious (a natural state… conservation of energy comes into play).

I recently came across Klara Yoon’s photography blog. Based in Berlin, Klara has recorded some amazing images of life around her there and on her travels elsewhere. She’s moved back to analogue, and shoots mainly in black and white… a personal love also. She’s moved away from SRL and to medium format… old school, and very much more involved with the end result. She also develops and prints her own material – again something I used to enjoy before I got lazy and went digital.  (Less cleaning up to do afterwards… but doesn’t smell as good: more a single person’s hobby!) This particular shot caught my eye, as it’s very reminiscent (to my warped eye) of some views of Vancouver. Vancouver is often thought of as the beautiful city its architecture aspires to. But it is also a busy sea port, and the skyline reflects that… from certain vantage points. Particularly when your mind is elsewhere and you’re taking a morning stroll to stretch your back, tuning out the normal, and more open to the previously ignored.

Klara Yoon: Hamburg 2011

Klara Yoon: Hamburg 2011

I recommend you while away a few minutes checking out Klara’s Street. Schön gemacht Klara!