6-legged doggy style

24 06 2012

Summer’s a bit late in White Rock. It’s been damper than usual of late. Very damp on some days. Downright soggy on occasion. So anyway, many flowers have held off on their blooms until just now. The cherry blossoms were late too, now I think about it. Anyway, this afternoon I’ve been trying to finish off one of those documents that just seem to not want to be written. It’s dragging on a bit. And the sun’s been shining. What was I to do? Plainly I needed to sit on the patio and consider the various ways of making 42. (Life, the universe and everything). And then of course, since I was there, I might as well take some photos. And perhaps even play with my new-found macro options. Couldn’t let my new 50mm feel unloved on the DSLR though, so I took a couple of snaps with that too.

And then of course I need to justify the whole diversion by sharing the results with you, so I can avoid it being “wasted time” 🙂