Robber Fly

6 07 2015

Quite pleased with the clarity of this BlackBerry photo. It’s a Robber Fly munching down on a mosquito or something during our trip to Juniper Beach.



Go girl

5 06 2015

As a proud parent of 2 girls, I’m keenly aware of issues around education and sexual discrimination. Seems a young lady from here in BC has the same concerns and used her high school graduation dress as a cool piece of marketing to draw attention to the fact that not every girl in the world has ready access to education. For once, I am fully on board with a woman wearing clothes that scream “look at me”! The dress was made from old maths homework and the message on her dress reads: “I’ve received my education. Not every woman has that right.” Read more at DesignTaxi: Girl Uses Math Homework To Make Grad Dress, Helps Other Girls Go To School –

Source: DesignTaxi

Source: DesignTaxi

No more fog

28 10 2013

The fog has left us… with amazing sunsets

Flaming Sky

Flaming Sky

Push a Button, Get a Mountain Bike | The Big Picture – Wide Format Printing

9 10 2012

Another cool advertising concept! To encourage folks in SF to come north and sample BC, they set up a vending machine in Justin Herman Plaza that dispensed real leisure activity items like golf clubs and mountain bikes. Stuff to enjoy using in Super Natural British Columbia! This one came to me because it also had wide format printing (Display Graphics).

Push a Button, Get a Mountain Bike | The Big Picture - Wide Format Printing

Push a Button, Get a Mountain Bike | The Big Picture – Wide Format Printing.

BC Landscape

16 09 2012

So, I was challenged a few months ago by barbaraelka and kalyrical to post some photos of the wide open spaces of BC.

Now BC is a very diverse province in terms of landscape. The Lower Mainland is pretty urbanised in places. There’s wide open areas of agriculture in the Fraser Valley. Obviously the ski hills around Whistler as well as Big White are different again. Loads of unspoiled first growth as well as second, third etc. growth (i.e. previously logged and now managed) forests. And desert and near-desert in the east of the Province.

A couple of weeks ago, I took my son and heir (in lieu of the missing hair) for a couple of nights camping, when we had a public holiday. Expecting the more popular sites to be totally heaving, we went to one of OUR favourite sites. Being a bit out of phase, our favourite places are  w-a-a-a-a-y  less likely to be busy. Sure enough, we easily got into the Juniper Beach Provincial Campsite, just outside Cache Creek. As well as the usual RV pads, it’s a lovely tent site with a beautifully manicured lawn to pitch on, as well as hot showers to offset the usual pit toilet experience common to BC campsites. So why so easy to get a spot on the long weekend? Easy… trains. Lots of trains. It’s in the Thompson valley, with CPR tracks on one site and CN tracks on the other. Every hour or so (all night too) there’s a freight train on one side or the other. You get used to it, but apparently it’s not to everyone’s taste!

Needless to say – I took a few snaps. The colours were a challenge, as it’s quite an arid area, with lots of washed-out hues. Below are a few of what I think are the better photos. Comments always welcome…

The beasties of Fort Rodd Hill

12 08 2012

We were aware there was a lighthouse to the West of Victoria, and set off in hot (well – lukewarm) pursuit.

We actually ended up spending several hours there in the extensive grounds adjacent.

Forgive the blurriness from extreme cropping of distant shots, but here’s a few pictures of the deer and a daylight raccoon we encountered on our walk.

Are friends electric?

12 08 2012

I’ve lived in North America – White Rock, BC to be more specific (well “South Surrey” to those who are familiar with the joke) – for around 11 years now.

To this day I am in awe of the overhead crochet that seems necessary to supply electrical power to this far flung corner of ex-Empire. Prior to emigrating from the UK, I lived for 15+ years in a town called Milton Keynes – which has its own cadre of jokes – with pretty much all its power, phones, TV and the like neatly buried in the ground. No idea where MK birds sit to have a chat and plot bombing runs on the passing populace, but there it is.

BC power is strung from very temporary looking wooden poles, and seems to require frequent use of oil-filled dustbins for some purpose or other. Their majesty though is enthralling, and when the sky is looking particularly moody… or perhaps azure blue… I find the criss-cross lines photo-worthy. Here’s a crop of images from – you guessed it! – Victoria.

Will the real Ryan Gosling please step forward?

28 04 2012

I just found out Ryan Gosling is Canadian. Well fancy that!

Taking a stroll around our local ponds as they are slowly being rehabilitated after their dredging, we came across a family of geese. I happened to have my Box Brownie with me, so thought I’d share a few snaps of the youngsters as they bickered and mucked about under the watchful eyes of mum and dad. If you’re prone to uttering “aw cute!” though, you are banished to the corner…

Spring: The grace, the power and the detritus

28 04 2012

A few readers may recall come pictures I posted when our two local ponds were being drained. That was back in February. Progress is being made, and one of the ponds has been refilled. Aparently the mud dredged out had an unexpectedly high zinc level, so the council had to find a different waste dump that was certified to accept the mud. Mud that had hitherto been totally fine for the local ducks, but was now unfit to have within the city boundaries of Surrey, BC.

As the park is slowly being returned to normal, I took my trusty camera obscura for a walk and captured a few snaps of the different aspects of the Spring day. The glorious blooms from the magnolias, the pathetic little piles of bikes and shopping trolleys that had been salvaged from the ponds, the heavy equipment lying idle for the weekend, awaiting Monday’s renewed action. There’s much to be seen if you choose to look.

Gunbarrel Coffee anyone?

17 02 2012

Not sure I know what it is… but I think I want one next time I’m in Big White!!

Flickr: Gunbarrel Coffee

Flickr: Gunbarrel Coffee

Flickr: Gunbarrel Coffee

Flickr: Gunbarrel Coffee

Whole hot article here: FIELD TRIP #591: Lighting Double-Barrelled Drinks On Fire In The Snow Up At Big White