Glenn Owen Dodds on Vimeo

23 01 2013

So quite some time ago, I mentioned a short Australian film by the name of Glenn Owen Dodds. Remember that?

Well today, I had another idle look (spurred on by my attempts to find a great documentary by the name of “Men who swim” – but that’s for another day).

And there it was. Today, dear reader you get to see the full 16 minutes of a lovely, gentle little comedy. Enjoy!

Glenn Owen Dodds on Vimeo via Glenn Owen Dodds on Vimeo.

Clive’s going Jurassic with DNA | Offbeat | Weird News, Odd and Freaky Stories in Sunshine Coast | Sunshine Coast Daily

4 08 2012

Now wait. Let me just check… nope, it’s not April 1st.

There’s definitely a growing trend of things being done “just because they can” these days. Worrying, no? Has the “common sense” gene been bred out of us or what?!

Clive’s going Jurassic with DNA | Offbeat | Weird News, Odd and Freaky Stories in Sunshine Coast | Sunshine Coast Daily.

Clive's going Jurassic with DNA | Offbeat | Weird News, Odd and Freaky Stories in Sunshine Coast | Sunshine Coast Daily


Husband Day Care Centre Pub in Townsville, Queensland, Australia on Twitpic

1 02 2012

Husband Day Care Centre Pub in Townsville, Queensland, Australia on Twitpic.

Husband Daycare

Australian Mining

15 01 2012

The Australian economy depends to a large extent on its mining industry and its rich resources. There are those however who take issue with the bloody great holes that get dug to make that a reality, and the massive amount of water that is needed, in a land where it’s scarce.

This is a funny counter-ad, but with a serious message.

Check out the rest of the videos at This is the Real Story.

Short Beaked Echidna – Kangaroo Island, Australia «

21 12 2011

I love this blogging thing. You share your thoughts in writing. Random people seem to somehow find it – randomly. Some enjoy it, start following in the hope of finding other things of interest. Lines establish, grow. Just like synapses in the brain of Gaia. Anyway, one such link when travelled in reverse took me to this great photo of an echidna on PhotoBotos.

Short-beaked Echidna

 Short Beaked Echidna – Kangaroo Island, Australia «

I’ve had a thing about echidnas for a while. They’re a bit odd – that’s always a win with me. I’d go as far as to say fascinating really. They have little ears. They’re kind of cute. and they’re ever so prickly. Kind of like Mrs Tiggy-Winkle with attitude.

Tim Tam Slams

20 12 2011

A few years ago I was introduced to Tim Tams on a business trip to Australia. Of more interest is why I was NOT introduced to them on the previous trips, but maybe that’s just something I’ll never know. So anyway, I was struck by how similar (like 99%) they were to a favourite biscuit from my days in the UK – The Penguin by Mcvitie’s. Christmas is now upon us and one of my friends was kind enough to give me some Tim Tams as a gift. He also described in detail how to perform the “Tim Tam Slam”, unaware that this too was part of my introduction a few years back.

I have yet to test whether it also works with Penguins, and would welcome anyone’s experience in that regard. Basically, you nibble off two opposite corners of the biscuit. this leaves most of the biscuit sealed airtight in its chocolate cover. You then dunk one nibbled corner in a hot beverage – say tea or coffee, and suck hard on the other opposite corner. The hot liquid moves through the biscuit like a straw and melts the chocolate centre. But this is no trivial undertaking. The two biscuit layers obviously soak up the drink and quickly become soft. If you don’t time it right, the whole thing dissolves into a mushy puddle and can splash hot drink into your lap.

I don’t recommend you try it in front of your elderly aunt. unless she’s Australian.

In researching all this, I discovered that Mr Arnott basically stole the idea from McVitie’s when he made a visit to the UK in 1958. Also that Tim Tam was the name of the winning horse in that year’s Kentucky Derby. Shameless… good biscuits though!

Wikipedia: Tim Tams

Wikipedia: Tim Tams

McVitie's Penguins

McVitie's Penguins

Australians and their Pies

19 12 2011

So as written elsewhere, I like to think of myself as liberal, open-minded, and generally pro-feminist. I believe a woman’s place is anywhere she wants it to be, and that figures showing women drivers have more car accidents are a statistical anomaly. But I’m not Australian. I’m sure they’re as pleased about that as I am. But they do make undeniably good meat pies. The same can’t be said for their beer, but let’s stick to pies for now.

You know how it is when you’re looking for something on the Internet? Of course you do – you ended up here, after all! You start off in one direction, take a wrong turn, and end up somewhere completely different. Men are particularly bad at retracing their steps, and will press on regardless. (We also generalise a lot). And this is how I happened upon this blatantly sexist Australian advert for Mrs Mac’s Famous Beef Pies. The cactus was a nice touch of artistic overkill I thought…. you have been warned!