A thought from Auders…

14 10 2012

People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.

 -Audrey Hepburn


Crotch rocket, anyone?

12 08 2012

So Mrs E asked me if I knew what a “crotch rocket” was the other day. Seems Number 2 offspring had taught her this phrase and she wanted to show off how hip’n’happ’nin’ she was. I predictably guessed it was some kind of sex aid, but was quite wrong.

It seems it’s actually one of those small but powerful motorcycles you often see kids riding – just before they die horribly in a ditch, and get commemorated with a truly naff bunch of flowers duct-taped to a lamppost. Typically Japanese, but occasionally Italian.

Yamaha: 2012 YZF-R1

So while we were visiting Craigdarroch Castle (more of this later, I’m sure), I spotted a splash of colour on the street. I didn’t realise it at first, but these scooters were actually for hire, and you could presumably get around the relatively compact “city” of Victoria quite effectively on such a 2-wheeled stallion Shetland pony.

Cycle BC rental scooters add a splash of street colour

They were Honda Jazz scooters from Cycle BC, a snip at $16 per hour rental if you fancy recreating Audrey Hepburn‘s scene from Roman Holiday.

7 04 2012

I don’t know. You click here, you click there, and you end up in places you find interesting. Nuff said.
This posting reminded me of just how well the Marketing Department at Tiffany’s have done over the years. Audrey Hepburn‘s spirit being the obvious attraction. I have known women who have positively gone moist at the mere hint of a pale blue bag though. No matter what the contents ultimately turn out to be. Sadly the bags themselves are now made in China and the ink smells funny.
Their in-store catalogues are free and full of pretty photographs though, if you’ve left your wallet at the office…
Ask nicely and they might let you have a bag to put it in.

THE MEAN REDS AND THE MOODY BLUES. « thepollyannafragments

29 12 2011

I just had to point you at this posting from THEPOLLYANNAFRAGMENTS
It has so much going for it…

References to Audrey Hepburn movies, pictures of Yorkshire, humour of course, and the ugliest fish I’ve ever seen!



THE MEAN REDS AND THE MOODY BLUES. « thepollyannafragments.

We <3 Auders

28 12 2011

It was probably My Fair Lady. Or possibly Charade with Cary Grant. Not too sure, but somewhere along the way we became entranced by Audrey Kathleen Ruston, aka Audrey Hepburn. The grace, the pixie haircut, the doe eyes… and the personality. She did great works for UNICEF in her later life.

Audrey Hepburn in Vogue 1964n « We Heart Vintage

So we were more than a bit chuffed to come across Audrey Hepburn « We Heart Vintage. This blog has many “vintage” icons (I’m still waiting for the call) from the fashion world of photography. Well worth a visit if you like well executed photographs of “the beautiful people”.

Actually on reflection, I think Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


The little blue bag gets me going every time…