How easily intimidated are you?

28 03 2013

Another great Carlsberg advert. This one’s Belgian. The guy in the pink shirt is obviously very comfortable with who he is. Again, it’s surprising who turns away. Often the guy, not the girl who feels intimidated enough to leave.

Carlsberg stunts with bikers in cinema – YouTube.

Ford Escape

14 12 2012

I had a ride in a new Ford Escape the other day. Pretty nice actually. Larger than I expected. Anyway, all that just to say that while visiting Craig Hill’s blog entry about Hawaiian Kings, I came across a new Ford Escape ad that had a pretty funny zombie theme. They were obviously pleased with it because they did a short “echo piece” too. Made by Canadian film-maker Patrick Boivin.

If you like Shaun of the Dead or The Walking Dead, perhaps this is the car for you.


UPDATE (later on the 14th December 2012): Curiouser, and curiouser! The links above are now dead. Or perhaps undead. They are gone from the Ford site and everywhere else I’ve looked. The odd other blog that referenced them has the same “this video is private” message now when you click on their links. Sorry about that. Just take it from me – they were witty. Perhaps someone up high in Ford thought the tragic shootings in the US today could somehow be linked to a car commercial. Tenuous at best.

In other news today: The NRA twitter site continues to tweet it’s followers about its rising popularity on Facebook and remind them of its free giveaways. No mention of Newton, Connecticut. Or Ford Escapes.

NRA on Twitter, 14th Dec. 2012

Historically Hardcore – Fake Smithsonian Ads | Geekosystem

6 11 2012

If there’s one thing I like better than humour, it’s humour someone in (perceived) authority objects to!

Historically Hardcore – Fake Smithsonian Ads | Geekosystem.

These fake ads for the Smithsonian are better than anything their own ad agency could come up with…

Ying or Yang?

16 10 2012

Left or right?

Cis or trans?

Blue pill or red pill?

Blue Pumas or red Pumas?

Spit or swallow?


Clever Ads Billboard | 123 Inspiration

14 10 2012

Never actually saw any of these billboard ads for Vancouver’s Science World (must be old – it’s now Telus World of Science or some such…), but they are truly inspired!!

Clever Ads Billboard | 123 Inspiration.


First Born spotted a few different ones on The Chive (I won’t ask why she was there…)

Men’s Razors, Buy Razor Blades Online | Dollar Shave Club

1 10 2012

I love a good ad.

Especially if it’s clever rather than over-produced and relying on glitz (or naked women… though I have more sympathy for the latter.). Check this one out for an American “razor blade club”.

Word has it the whole thing only cost $4,000 to produce.

Men’s Razors, Buy Razor Blades Online | Dollar Shave Club.

Maxam –

3 08 2012

So THAT’s why the dentist takes so long when they drill your teeth…

Great concept in this Chinese toothpaste ad for Maxam.

Maxam –

2 06 2012

Who cares indeed? A nice little campaign.
I wonder how many were Scouts?
Nice find Lockhaart.

AdPitch Blog

“The Swedish Armed Forces need to recruit young people to an occupation that in many ways requires you to give up your own comfort in order to help others. To highlight this aspect we created a digitally integrated event in Stockholm to see how far people are willing to go for one another. A person agreed to sit in a small box until someone replaced him. The question was: Who cares? Every hour a door would open, and if someone else was there to take his place, he could leave.

An integrated campaign directed people towards a live-streamed website where they could follow the person in the box in real time via 4 different cameras. But visitors to the site could do absolutely nothing to help him. This time no social media actions helped; no like would affect his fate, and no tweet could get him out of there. The…

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Do YOU always answer your cell phone when it rings?

20 02 2012

A few years old, but here’s an ad for Swedish cell provider COMVIQ, who gave reward points for every answered call.

A bit rude…

sb:mktg | Witty thinking and clever copy in Graphic Design and Advertising… | design, marketing and digital

14 02 2012

sb:mktg | Witty thinking and clever copy in Graphic Design and Advertising… | design, marketing and digital.