Cubs are cool

25 08 2015

Harper was doing a blah blah tour up in Campbell River on the island. Somehow a group of scouts/cubs were dragged in for the photo op. This despite the fact that scouts are not supposed to attend political rallies in uniform – they’re apolitical!

In the end this “I don’t give a shit – where’s the ice-cream?” cub scout got the most attention from the media. Harper was talking about BC salmon and protecting the environment. Rumour has it the posters to go with the campaign used ATLANTIC salmon. From the UK no less!

Cubs are cool

‘Middle Kid’ steals the show at Harper photo-op – Trending – CBC News.

Be Prepared…

13 07 2015

It took them a while, but BSA finally caught up with most of the world’s other scouting organisations… and even its own national laws.

A couple of years ago they decided at long last to stop excluding gay youth – sorry: BOYS.

Now they’ve finally decided to allow gay leaders, assuming the vote passes on July 27th. So, if only they could see the paradox of still not letting girls join, they’d be really up to date!

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Mashable: Pride Parade in Seattle, with cubs and scouts leading the way.


Red Nose Day!

15 03 2013

Happy Red Nose Day to all my UK readers!

For those unfamiliar – this is a comedy-centric national children’s charity fundraiser in the UK (and I think Australia) done every 2 years. Formally, it’s called “Comic Relief”. Started not long after Live Aid‘s music-oriented success. I believe it was launched by the great Lenny Henry with support from his friends Rowan Atkinson, Jennifer Saunders (and his wife Dawn French of course). Been going a while now…

Every 2 years they have a new red nose design and silly T-shirts. I have one from last time with the classic Morecambe and Wise… with red noses. After the first couple of outings they branched out and started doing larger stick-on noses for cars and even buildings. The money is focused on kids – both in Africa and locally. The point though is that it’s fun! You see people doing sponsored walks with invisible dogs, pushing peas with their noses – all manner of things to raise money for children’s causes. The dafter the better.

Learn more here.

Red Nose Day 2013

Red Nose Day 2013

I was reminded it was time (along with my biennial Outlook reminder) by this photo on Blipfoto: A view from her shoes on Blipfoto :: Red Nose Day! :: 15 March 2013.

Cute kids, and just look how proudly he sports his Scout promise – I’m guessing he’s Beaver Scout aged. Their mum must indeed be proud.

Watch out for the Scouts: Signe Bjørg Jensen at TEDxCopenhagen 2012 – YouTube

23 02 2013

I was hanging out at a training course for Scout Leaders today. Equipping them to deliver the Scouting programme to youth in the best and most effective way we can.

I was chatting away with Rovers and other members of the Scouts Canada family. One of the Rovers brought this TEDx talk from Copenhagen to my attention. The speaker’s from Denmark, and does a great job of saying what we’re all about.

If you think you already know what Scouts is about, or perhaps if you don’t – invest 6:29 mins and see how close you were. Signe Bjørg Jensen does an amazing job – as indeed most Scout volunteers around the world do.

“We want to make children the most awesome adults of the future – so watch out for the Scouts!”

Couldn’t have said it better if I tried.

Another humbling observation: Signe is Danish. Her audience is Danish. She gives the presentation in English, makes quite subtle jokes… and the audience laugh! How many of us could do that in Danish?!

Watch out for the scouts: Signe Bjørg Jensen at TEDxCopenhagen 2012 – YouTube.