Self-evident Truths…

8 12 2021

Christmas isn’t Christmas without Brussels Sprouts!

I’d like to thank Mrs E. for sharing this with me, but frankly… I’m still slightly stunned and a little unsteady, and I’m not entirely convinced “thank” is the appropriate action here!

YouTube – Without Brussels Sprouts; David Goody

I think I was even more stunned to discover Mr Goody had gone so far as to set one of philosophy’s greatest unanswered questions firmly to rest, and vaguely to music too…

YouTube – Die Hard is a Christmas film; David Goody

Now if only I knew who Mark Kermode is!

The End

16 06 2020

The quick brown fox – dropped dead.

Just like that.

Heart attack they say. Too much jumping.

The lazy dog forgot to go to the funeral. Not much of a friend when it mattered.

Wilde on Women

6 06 2020

“How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being?”

 – Oscar Wilde

If you love art film and Vienna…

13 05 2020

Some of you may know my third born lives in Vienna these days. I’ve visited a couple of times and find it a lovely city. Fernando Livschitz, a director from Argentina re-imagines the Austrian capital in his film “Vienna is like…”.

More of his work can be found here.


9 07 2016

So it’s suddenly become very cheap to go to Britain (which as mentioned previously elsewhere is NOT the same as England).

If you’d like to take advantage and visit England, you might find the following video useful to make sure you don’t make any faux pas’… or perhaps not.

CBC poking fun at Hipsters

11 09 2015

You can’t put a price on quality.

So many of us are throwing any old piece of wood on our stove when we could be buying hand-crafted firewood…

Laugh if you will, but remind me how much you just paid for your last cup of flavoured hot water from Starbucks… :oP

Summer Holiday – day 14

29 08 2015

Day 14 was spent on the road.

After carefully packing up the wet tent (it was to stay in the car for a couple of days before we’d have chance to dry it properly) we headed north. We passed through a lovely little place with the unfortunate name of Drain.

As we headed up the I5, we stopped off at Cottage Grove to grab a coffee and stretch our legs. I was amused by the sign outside a KFC which seemed to offer some unusual cuisine due to ambiguous English…

Odd menu

Odd menu

After a long but uneventful drive we arrived at our hotel in Portland. After the usual arguments over who gets the shower first we headed out for tea at Chipotle. Along the road we passed an oil change shop just as it was closing up. I really liked the colour from the interior lights.

Oil Can Henry's

Oil Can Henry’s

I will disconnect you

25 07 2015

I can relate…

Father leaves his messy teens the perfect threatening note.

Mashable: I will disconnect you

Funny Clothing Tags

27 06 2015

These web pages promising x of the funniest y you’ve ever seen are often disappointing, but I had to admit to sniggering at one or two of these supposedly genuine wash care labels from Bored Panda.

21+ Of The Funniest Clothing Tags Ever | Bored Panda.

Not at all sexist...

Not at all sexist…

Happy Towel Day!

25 05 2015

Remember to take your towel to work today… just in case.

Happy Towel Day: 9 Zaphod Beeblebrox Quotes for Any Occasion | Anglophenia | BBC America.