Now THAT is a cool advert!

13 02 2015

Land Rover has lost a bit of its cool lately.

Consider it fully restored with this bit of Valentine’s Day schmaltz from New Zealand.

Always wanted a Defender…

13 02 2015

… but this is beyond awesome!

A day for everything

28 01 2015

Today is Bell’s Let’s Talk Day, intended to draw attention to mental illness. Not a bad thing, and oh look, they get some decent positive marketing from it too. Imagine that! (Who are you calling cynical?)

There’s rumour that September 26th is National Marmite Day. Hm…

Love it, hate it, just don’t forget it! (Or Paxman will get you… now THAT is scary ;) )

Thankfully the dog’s anonymity was preserved.

Palm Readers…

16 01 2015

Mass consumption and junk food. Ruining more than just your waistline.

The Hilarious Fake But Real Doritos Ad That Doritos Will Never Let Win Their Super Bowl Contest.


Scientific Treatise

14 01 2015

OK, I lied!

But it is quite fun to see that most of the sweets I loved as a kid are still going strong.

Not so sure about the last 2 though – I think they appeared after I emigrated. IRN BRU should definitely remain in a can and be drunk. Goes without saying.

Her comments about purple sweets tasting of blueberry instead of grape as they do over here in the Americas is well noted. Much MUCH worse though is how green sweets here can taste gaggingly of spearmint instead of the much more logical lime. And what were they smoking when they decided that raspberry sweets in the Americas should be lurid blue?! Anyway, I hope you feel suitably educated on the tooth-rot selection in the UK.

Those Flake adverts she refers to were my introduction into soft porn… they never really changed over the decades it seems. Ever since their introduction in 1959

The 60’s:

The 80’s:

The 90’s:


23 12 2014

I am no fan of bottled water.

Here in the West where we have easy access to plentiful clean safe drinking water it is a shameful waste of plastic and logistics infrastructure. Every plastic disposable water bottle – even if it is ultimately recycled – is the result of a bottling plant, a trucking and/or rail journey and a few minutes of “aren’t I cool, drinking Naïve  – oops, sorry, got it backwards: Evian – water?”

That said, I always enjoy a cool advertising campaign. Especially with hamsters. Jazz I can forgive.

Nazis against Nazis

3 12 2014

Now this is a brilliant bit of double-think.

Every year, the small town of Wunsiedel in Germany is over-run by neo-Nazi marchers. This year, the town fought back in a respectful, clever way. They basically organised a sponsored walk to raise funds for “EXIT-Deutschland” – an organisation to help neo-Nazis safely leave the far right. The thing was… they didn’t tell the marchers.

As the march progressed, road markings thanked their efforts, told them how much money they’d raised, and generally encouraged their progress. The town even offered them bananas to encourage them on to the final fund-raising total at the marches finish. €10000 in total.

Nazis Have Never Been About The Funny, But This Time The Fools Are Hilarious.

A similar clever idea was when EXIT-Deutschland handed out “Trojan horse” T-shirts at the Rock Für Deutschland festival run by Germany’s right wing NPD party. They handed out what appeared to be hardcore T-shirts (message: Hardcore Rebels. National and Free.) Members of Exit Deutschland dressed up as Nazis and passed 250 of their shirts to festival visitors. Once the guys came home after the Festival and washed their shirts the shirt revealed a different message: “Was dein t-shirt, kan kannst du auch” (If your T-shirt can do it, so can you.), and the message “We’ll help you break with right-wing extremism”, and a contact number for Exit Deutschland. Now THAT is clever…


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