Brigitte Baldrian

19 06 2020

So, the great gods of physics allowed me another birthday last month, and as ever my lovely offspring celebrated it in their own diverse ways. I got a new barbeque out of it, so I’m not complaining.

Second born currently resides in Vienna and the COVID-induced postal delays meant I only just received the card she’d sent today. Postmark was 19th May, so a month in transit exactly. It was actually a postcard she’d found with an anthropomorphic image of a ram in man’s clothing – King Emmerich. (She has a vaguely concerning thing about sheep, but that’s a post for another day.) A rather phallic pear is also present in the image, but that may just be my over-active imagination. The artist was new to me – Brigitte Baldrian.


König Emmerich by Brigette Baldrian: Image Source

I headed straight over to her web site and found a press release which told me a little more…

She has a studio with Harald Hackel and they focus on illustration and graphic design. Their niche is in the field of nature conservation, environmental and eco-education and they work with national parks, environmental protection organizations as well as publishers and magazines. Their work is entirely analogue, with brushes and paint – a craft that is becoming rarer today. They also produce ecologically sustainable card games, picture books and fine paper goods… like my postcard!

Their products are plastic-free and are largely made from recycled paper and exclusively in Austria, mainly the Waldviertel region.

Brigitte Baldrian is originally a biologist and trained horticulturist. Her specialty is nature and picture book illustration. Her work ranges from detailed natural motifs to playful animal cartoons. Her painting is very detailed with vivid watercolor paints on paper, as well as weatherproof works on external facades. She’s stayed connected to the Waldviertel region since childhood.

Find a little more at, as well as the option of buying her whimsical products.

Produkte Brigitte Baldrian 2017

Brigitte Baldrian. Image Source:



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